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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes? (Benefits, Hazards & Serving Size)

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: April 2, 2022

There’s a variety of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables that you can offer to your guinea pigs, so let’s answer the question that many guinea pig owners ask: Can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes?

Are sweet potatoes safe for guinea pigs? Does this vegetable offer nutritional value to your pet? Is it possible to feed guinea pigs sweet potatoes daily, or there are feeding restrictions?

Sweet potatoes are safe for guinea pigs. They are high in vitamin C, which is a very important part of a guinea pig’s healthy diet, and their crunchy texture maintains the guinea pig’s teeth in good shape. Yet, sweet potatoes are high in fats and sugars, so stick to the feeding recommendations.

Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are safe for guinea pigs and have various health benefits for human beings as well.

However, their frequent consumption in larger quantities comes with side effects both for humans and guinea pigs.

What Is a Healthy Guinea Pig Diet?

A healthy guinea pig diet consists of 80% hay, 15% vegetables, and leafy greens, 5% store-bought guinea pig pellets, and endless fresh, clean water. 

You have room for creativity when it comes to vegetables, so you can offer your guinea pig quite a large selection of tasty veggies and fruits. 

However, when feeding sweet potatoes to your piggies, balance the nutrients.

Always pay attention to the nutritional value of each food you give to your guinea pig. For example, don’t combine fruits and vegetables that are rich in sugar or calcium, or starchy veggies with other starchy vegetables.

These two elements pose a serious health risk to your guinea pig because they contribute to obesity, diabetes, and tummy problems.

Besides, you should also thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables before you feed your guinea pig.

By doing so, you will remove all the dirt and pesticide residues from the sweet potato peels and other commercially farmed vegetables.

Do Guinea Pigs Love Sweet Potatoes?

Just like humans, each guinea pig has unique feeding preferences so some might enjoy sweet potatoes while others might show indifference to this vegetable. 

Sweet potatoes have a syrupy taste and a crisp texture that most guinea pigs love.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Guinea Pigs?

By feeding guinea pigs sweet potatoes, you will increase their vitamin A, fiber, and potassium intake and maintain the growth of their teeth.

Sweet Potatoes Are High in Nutrients

Both vitamin A and beta-carotene in sweet potatoes are great for eye health, against eye infections, and aid in the development of new light-detecting receptors.

The hard texture of sweet potatoes is perfect for a guinea pig’s 20 constantly growing teeth. Guinea pigs adore nibbling, and it’s even better when the nibbling involves a sweet-tasting vegetable.

Anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant present in sweet potatoes, offers protection from free radicals, boosts the immune system, prevents and manages inflammatory processes, and contributes to a well-functioning brain.

Also, dietary fiber and potassium are beneficial to the digestive tract and heart health.

  • Vitamin A protects the heart by acting as an antioxidant
  • Dietary fiber keeps blood cholesterol levels in check
  • Potassium reduces blood pressure and relaxes the muscles

Vitamin C in Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C, which is very important for guinea pigs because they are unable to generate it on their own.

Guinea pigs can get scurvy if they don’t get enough vitamin C through their diet.
Scurvy is a serious and potentially fatal condition that causes skin sores, hair loss, aching joints, weight loss, lethargy, eye infections, and diarrhea.

If you believe that your guinea pig is suffering from scurvy or is in danger of developing this fatal condition due to Vitamin C deficiency, consult a vet immediately.

Apart from preventing scurvy, vitamin C is a great immune system booster that stimulates tissue and cellular regeneration.

Why Are Sweet Potatoes Bad for Guinea Pigs?

While sweet potatoes come with many health benefits, there are a few reasons why you should not feed guinea pigs with this vegetable more than once every two weeks.

The sweet potato treat in larger quantities is dangerous for these small pets.

Sweet Potatoes Are High in Sugar and Starch

Here are some of the dangers of giving your guinea pig sweet potatoes too often or in large quantities.

Both sugar and starch are abundant in sweet potatoes and are a dangerous combination.

The sugar content in a sweet potato is not significantly higher compared to other guinea pig-friendly fruits and vegetables, but the combination of sugar and starch is what makes them dangerous for your guinea pig’s health.

Health Threats

The high carb content in your guinea pig food may cause problems such as obesity, dental decay, diabetes, and gastric distress.

Apart from sugar and starch, sweet potatoes have a high oxalic acid content which is benign in tiny doses, but in larger concentrations, it raises the risk of bladder stones and kidney damage.

A guinea pig with bladder problems, such as sludge or bladder stones will have difficulty passing urine.

Also, peeing will be excruciatingly painful, and the urine will be mixed with blood.

In severe cases, the only option is the surgical removal of bladder and kidney stones.

There are other risks when feeding your guinea pig sweet potato, such as choking and contamination with pesticides.

Choking Hazard

Guinea pigs have a sweet appetite and are known to be voracious eaters when it comes to sweets and this behavior presents a choking hazard.

To reduce the risk of choking, always offer a sweet potato chopped into small chunks.

Contamination with Pesticides

Commercial fruits and vegetables are heavily pesticide-treated, and even tiny amounts of these toxins can cause serious health problems for your guinea pig.

Buying organic sweet potatoes lowers the risk of pesticide residue.

However, always wash the vegetables thoroughly before serving to reduce the chance of hazardous chemicals.

Can a Guinea Pig Eat Sweet Potato Skin?

Sweet potato peelings or skin is rich in nutrients and easily digestible.

Besides, its crunchy texture is great for your guinea pig’s teeth.

The only danger that comes from your guinea pigs eating sweet potato peel is the concentration of pesticides on the surface of the potato.

We cannot stop emphasizing how important it is to thoroughly wash all the vegetables before serving them to your guinea pig. 

When you feed your guinea pig sweet potato, always leave it raw.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato Leaves and Vines?

Guinea pigs can safely eat the leaves and vines of sweet potatoes, which you might find surprising given the toxicity of ordinary potato leaves and vines.

Remember that sweet potato vines and leaves must be fresh as otherwise, they might contribute to serious bloating, which is dangerous for your guinea pig.

Can a Guinea Pig Eat Mashed Sweet Potatoes?

Baked, boiled, fried, roasted… in any way processed and cooked foods cannot be a part of your guinea pig’s daily portion, as it’s not a part of a guinea pig’s natural diet.

These small animals cannot digest processed food, so it puts them at risk of developing serious and life-threatening health problems.

Not only processed food is unhealthy, but cooking eliminates nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just like any other vegetable, sweet potatoes should be added to your piggy’s menu raw, chopped into tiny, bite-sized bits or cubes.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato Fries or Chips?

For guinea pigs, cooked or dried foods, including sweet potato fries and chips, are strictly forbidden.

Both are processed, deep-fried and seasoned, which is unsuitable for guinea pigs even as a treat.

Guinea pigs have sensitive stomachs that are not meant to digest processed and oil-immersed foods.

How Much Sweet Potato Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Sweet potatoes for guinea pigs are served in tiny cubes, which is a very small serving size.

If this is your first time feeding guinea pigs sweet potatoes, start with a little amount, just one cube, and watch for signs of digestive distress.

If no symptoms appear, gradually increase the serving size of sweet potato you give to your adult guinea pig until the full four cubes portion size is reached.

Baby guinea pigs will have to wait until adulthood to taste sweet potatoes and decide whether they like it.

Remember that newborns’ tummies are fragile and prone to digestive upset.

Ideally, you will serve sweet potatoes to your guinea pigs once every two weeks, four cubes per guinea pig.

There’s one other rule you should implement: guinea pigs shouldn’t eat sweet potatoes on the same day as other high-sugar, high-starch vegetables or fruits.

You should avoid mixing sweet potatoes with carrots, apples, grapes, and cantaloupe, for example.

Instead, pair sweet potatoes with low-sugar meals like leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, or kale.

How To Prepare Sweet Potatoes for Guinea Pigs?

Select sweet potatoes that are crisp and free of mildew and other symptoms of rot

Thoroughly wash or peel the fruit to avoid pesticide residues on the skin

Cut into small cubes using a sharp knife and serve them to your piggies

Take out any parts that haven’t been eaten (don’t leave them in your piggies’ enclosure for more than a couple of hours) and throw away the leftovers before they deteriorate and spread bacteria.

If you don’t want to feed your piggies sweet potato right after you’ve washed it or peeled it, put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

What Are the Nutrients in Sweet Potatoes?

One cup of sweet potatoes (124 grams) offers the following nutrients:

  • 98.7 g water
  • 10 kcal
  • 2 g protein
  • 3 g fat
  • 1.24 g cholesterol
  • 18.7 carbohydrates
  • 6.77 sugar
  • 2.48 g fiber.
  • 823 mcg vitamin A
  • 9470 mcg beta-carotene
  • 12.8 mg vitamin C
  • 7.44 mcg folic acid
  • 14.4 mg choline
  • 5.1 mcg vitamin K
  • 306 mg sodium
  • 0.7 mg iron
  • 50.8 mg calcium
  • 19.8 mg magnesium
  • 50.8 mg phosphorus
  • 259 mg potassium
  • 0.9 mcg selenium

Final Thoughts

Sweet potatoes are packed with beneficial nutrients but are also rich in carbs and fats, which is dangerous for your small animal.

When you feed your guinea pig sweet potato, cut it into small cubes, serve it raw, and don’t season it.

If no symptoms of digestive issues appear, gradually increase the serving size every two weeks until you reach the maximum serving size of four small cubes per portion.

Finally, while healthy treats such as tiny sweet potato cubes are fine in moderation, never feed your piggies with regular potatoes.


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