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Do Guinea Pigs Like Music? [Best Music to Play For Them]

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: May 29, 2022

People love music. Musical composition is a piece of art. Melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre (tone color, pitch, beat, and dynamics) are a part of every composition. Music is a universal aspect of all human cultures. Can pets enjoy music as much as people? Do guinea pigs like music?

While there’s no scientific evidence that guinea pigs like music, many guinea pig owners have the impression that soft and relaxing music helps their guinea pigs relax. Certainly, loud and aggressive music will cause much stress for your guinea pig.

As a result, carefully choose the type of music you’re listening to around your pet guinea pig. 

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

While there is no scientific evidence that guinea pigs enjoy music, many owners believe that gentle and soothing music helps their guinea pigs relax.

To find out whether your guinea pigs like music and which genre they prefer, experiment by playing different types of music and observing their reaction.

Your guinea pig’s body language will clearly show you all you need to know. 

Just like humans, guinea pigs have their own tastes and musical preferences. 

Some guinea pigs might enjoy music, some might dislike it, and sometimes they are just not in the mood to listen to it.

Does Music Calm Guinea Pigs?

Many pet owners say that some musical genres can calm their pets.

Seems that guinea pigs love music, especially if they have company and the music keeps playing.

If you want to calm your pet, soft music and low volumes are great

You can play piano music, soft guitar music, bell sounds, and playlists that make you feel calm should also have a positive effect on your guinea pigs. 

If you like loud music, you should listen to it with your headphones on because guinea pigs don’t like loud and noisy environments.

Some guinea pigs enjoy music, but loud or unfamiliar noises frighten them.

What Music Do Guinea Pigs Like? 

For people, therapists recommend soft and calming music. However, some people enjoy fast rhythms and loud beats.

Just like people, each guinea pig has a unique, own personality and preferences.

Some guinea pigs don’t like music. Or, sometimes, they may not be in the mood to listen to music. 

Many guinea pig pet owners think that soft, calm music makes their guinea pigs happy and calm.

Soft piano music or violins may be perfect. You can experiment and play different music genres to your piggies.

Your guinea pig might enjoy music or find it stressful, depending on its personality. Keep a close eye on your pets, so you will better understand their preferences.

We only have one piece of advice though: never play loud music to your guinea pig pet. 

Guinea pigs have a much, much better hearing than we do. Their ears are sensitive, so play music at a very low volume and with fewer changes in frequency.

Is There Music for Guinea Pigs?

Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music feature specific relaxing music playlists for pets. 

You can simply type “guinea pig music” in the search bar and you will see specific guinea pig playlists you can choose from.

There are countless YouTube videos out there, and music playlists you can play for your pets.

Many videos contain extended sounds that stretch from one hour to 24 hours of continuous music

Does Calming Music Help Guinea Pigs?

Quiet and calming music can help guinea pigs feel safe, calm, and relaxed. 

However, if you want to cheer them up and make them more active, you shouldn’t play loud and fast music. 

Instead, play cheerful but soft pop music or jazz at a low volume. Observe how your guinea pig acts to determine which type of music and rhythm suits them most.

Do Guinea Pigs Like When You Sing?

Guinea pigs may enjoy your singing if you sing softly to or around them. Don’t try to perform a rock concert or opera near them as sudden and loud sounds will cause them much stress. 

What Kind of Music Do Pigs Like?

Soft and calm music, such as the piano covers of your favorite songs, chimes, and water sounds will soothe your guinea pigs.

All guinea pigs have different tastes and preferences, so experiment with playing different music.

While some guinea pig owners claim that their pet guinea pigs enjoy listening to popular rock and pop pieces, others are sure their pets prefer jazz and blues, classical music, or instrumentals. 

Just make sure never to play loud music for your pets or music that has lots of changes in volume or rhythm. 

Are Guinea Pigs Sensitive To Music?

Guinea pigs are far more sensitive to sounds and noises than we are.

As prey animals, guinea pigs have developed sensitive hearing to listen out for potential predators, which is a necessary adaptation for survival in the wild.

Therefore, guinea pigs can hear the music but they might perceive it differently compared to us.

While a guinea pig can enjoy quiet and soothing sounds, loud noises, changes in frequency and pitch, dominant drums and basses, and vibrations, are incredibly uncomfortable for these small animals. 

How Do I Know if Guinea Pigs Like Music?

guinea pig in a flowerpotGuinea pigs who enjoy music frequently close their eyes and make small purring sounds.

You can assume that your guinea pig is content to listen to whatever music you have playing if they are calm and behave normally.

Your guinea pig’s behavior will reveal all you have to know. If your guinea pig shrieks, whines, or chatters its teeth, it is afraid and under stress.

The best thing you can do is turn off the music and remember how important your guinea pig’s health and well-being are.

A guinea pig can usually tell whether they are enjoying something. The way they react to music will tell you whether the music you are playing is appropriate for them.

The following are signs your guinea pig is enjoying the music you are playing:

  • Making noise with content (purring)
  • Continuing to eat while listening to music
  • Jumping into the air and popping popcorn
  • Maintaining their normal level of activity

When music is playing, your guinea pig may become hyperactive, which can be a sign of distress.

Similarly, if your guinea pig refuses or appears unable to engage in normal activities while the music is playing, this could show that they are in pain.

How Loud Should I play Music for My Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs have a higher sensitivity to sound than humans.

The hearing range of a guinea pig is approximately 54-50,00Hz. Loud noises or high-frequency sounds can be stressful and irritating to them.

Loud and jumpy music with basses and drums can harm your guinea pig’s ears.

If you want to listen to these types of music, it is probably best to do so quietly, with headphones on, or away from your guinea pigs.

As a result, we recommend listening to music at a low volume. It should be loud enough to be heard, but not so loud that you can hear it if you leave the room.

How Do Guinea Pigs React to Loud Music?

a girl with headphonesGuinea pigs are prey animals in the wild. Because guinea pigs have a keen sense of hearing, they dislike loud noises and music.

Loud, unexpected, or prolonged noises can terrify your pet guinea pig. Not only that, but loud and sudden noises can harm their hearing.

Their acute hearing has evolved as a defense mechanism to allow them to flee from potential predators.

As a result, guinea pigs have more sensitive hearing than humans. Sounds that are normal for humans may be too loud or unbearable for your guinea pig.

When listening to music in the company of your pet, keep this difference in sound sensitivity in mind.

If you are going to leave music on in the background for your guinea pig, it should be very soft and soothing.

Music can scare or frighten a guinea pig, especially when it is too loud or has a fast tempo.

Other loud noises and fast-paced, high-frequency sounds fall into the same category. As a guinea pig owner, try to protect your guinea pig’s ears from:

  • Loud and aggressive music,
  • Sudden loud alarm clock,
  • Loud bangs (such as slamming doors),
  • Shouting and screaming…

While many of the noises on this list are beyond your control, be aware of them and potentially limit their effects.

Final Thoughts

In the wild, guinea pigs developed highly sensitive hearing to watch out for potential predators. Your furry little friends can hear music, though their perception of it may differ from ours.

You will find out what type of music guinea pigs like by observing their behavior and playing different music genres.

Some guinea pigs will enjoy soothing monotonous sounds while other guinea pigs will love listening to faster beats.

In any case, never play loud music around your guinea pigs, or music with changes in frequency, loud basses, or drums because guinea pig’s sensitive hearing detects sounds much better than we do.

Because of their highly developed hearing, sudden and loud noises will stress your guinea pigs, so playing music at a high volume is never a good idea.


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