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Do Guinea Pigs Smell? 10 Tips To Make Them Smell Good

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: November 7, 2021

Is it true that you are thinking about bringing a guinea pig into your home, but are not clear, do guinea pigs smell?

You are preventing bringing the little creatures home by the dread that they may smell?

While guinea pigs can positively smell sporadically, you’ll be glad to realize that the greater part of their odor can be settled with basic cleaning and tips you can follow for their general consideration.

Guinea pigs can create a smell, be that as it may, it’s generally an aftereffect of a grimy enclosure, helpless guinea pig care, or sickness and not simply the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are for the most part clean creatures and with normal legitimate consideration and cleaning it is conceivable to keep one in your home with a negligible smell.

Guinea pigs themselves don’t smell however are regularly accused of the scent coming from the development of waste in their pen or other contributing variables that can bring about a waiting smell.

In this article, we’ll examine the regular purposes for the smell coming from a guinea pig’s confine and 10 different ways you can keep them from smelling.

Why do guinea pigs smell?

In spite of the fact that guinea pigs haul around the standing of being rotten, it’s generally not simply the guinea pig that is causing the smell that goes with them.

On the off chance that you locate that a guinea pig is conveying somewhat of a stale smelling scent, it’s most probably because of their current circumstance, and not simply the guinea pig.

A guinea pig’s cage fills in as their resting region, their washroom, and their whole home.

Their enclosure is basically a litter box, it bodes well that it can start to smell.

Since the guinea pig invests most of their energy in their private home, they are frequently the ones accused of the smell coming from their pen, despite the fact that it’s most probably because of their squanders.

With investing such a lot of energy in their pen, they will in general get the smell from their shavings and bedding in their current circumstance.

Guinea pigs are for the most part clean creatures, so when their pen is kept overall quite clean, they can remain new through self-preparing and a periodic shower.

Do male guinea pigs smell more than females?

In spite of the fact that every guinea pig will self prepare and remain genuinely clean with the assistance of a perfect confine, some male guinea pigs will have a more grounded smell than females.

This increment in smell can be because of their oil organ or regularly alluded to as their fragrance organ.

In the wild, male guinea pigs utilize the discharges from this organ to check their region and basically flaunt when attempting to mate.

This organ produces oily discharges like ear wax and can be more dynamic than others on certain guinea pigs.

In guinea pigs with a functioning oil organ, they may start to have a development of this waxy material that can prompt a smell if it’s not tended to.

Despite the fact that this organ can be a wellspring of a guinea pig’s smell, it can, in any case, be effortlessly made do with upkeep.

With appropriate administration of this fragrance organ and successive cleaning of their bedding, you can forestall any foul smells in your home.

How might I care for the oil organ in a guinea pig?

In the event that you get a youthful guinea pig for yourself, at that point, the oil organ may not be that dynamic and conspicuous.

Yet, as it developed towards adolescence the organ turns out to be considerably more dynamic.

For the most part, it is observed that the more predominant guinea pigs have a more dynamic oil organ when contrasted with others.

Fixing the pigs, as a rule, makes the oil organs lethargic.

It is otherwise called smell organs or sebaceous organs.

Female guinea pigs(sows) additionally have oil organs simply like their male partner.

Yet, the oil organ of sows isn’t as dynamic as that of pigs.

Guinea pigs utilized their oil organ essentially to check their domain.

It ordinarily secretes an oily substance that gets strong in the wake of being joined to a surface for quite a while.

Although both male and female guinea pigs have the oil organ, it is discovered that generally, it is more dynamic among the male guinea pigs, after they hit their pubescence mark.

Since the oil can be precarious to eliminate with ordinary guinea pig cleanser, many utilize a characteristic degreasing arrangement, for example, coconut oil.

By scouring a limited quantity of coconut oil around the base of their oil organ, you can start to relax the development and flush the zone clean.

10 Tips To Make Them Smell Good

A guinea pig can be an awesome expansion to any home, so accommodating tips on the best way to keep them and their pen as new as conceivable is fundamental for a magnificent relationship.

We’ve sifted through many guinea pig tips, and set up an elite of 10 of the most supportive proposals for your new textured companion.

1. Cleaning the Guinea Pig’s Cage

It is likely the main advance to keeping your home liberated from the smell.

By cleaning their cage, in any event once every week, you can eliminate smells because of pee or excrement, and obviously, offer your guinea pig a more agreeable climate.

This doesn’t mean spot cleaning to a great extent, this progression alludes to the depriving of all sheet material, washing the bottoms and sides of the confine with cleanser, and topping off their enclosure with new sheet material.

Spot cleaning is likewise gainful however ought to be done once per day, similarly as you would spot clean a litter box.

Tip: After washing with cleanser and water, you can utilize a 10% white vinegar and water arrangement (1 section vinegar to 9 sections water) as a flush prior to drying the confine base.

Utilizing the vinegar arrangement once every week (each time you completely clean the pen) may help dispose of smells.

2. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is significant for decreasing the day-by-day scents that join your guinea pig.

Since their enclosure is additionally their restroom, you’d be amazed at exactly how much spot cleaning can help lessen any waiting smells in your home.

The everyday spot clean includes eliminating the craps and any sheet material that has gotten grimy and moist.

It relies upon the sheet material that you are utilizing in the confine with regards to how simple this is.

Some sheet material, for example, Fitch or Carefresh is exceptionally permeable and won’t get sodden excessively fast.

In the event that you use wool, it tends to get sodden snappier however it is a lot simpler to clean the craps as they sit on top of the downy.

You can either get them with your hands (you could put on elastic gloves on the off chance that you like) or utilize a little dustpan and brush (just actually use for your cavies, however).

Since most guinea pigs just utilize one spot of their pen as a latrine region, it ought to be genuinely simple to get every day.

3. Utilizing a Cleaning Spray

Utilizing a cleaning spray or some other recipe planned explicitly for tidying up after pet smell and waste will assist with scaling back any waiting scents after confine cleaning.

This can be utilized during your week-by-week confine cleaning measure, once you have just washed the pen with cleanser and water.

By showering the cleaning arrangement and cleaning off, you can have proceeded with scent insurance.

The ideal cage cleaner will be set apart as safe for little creatures and will be liberated from any unforgiving fragrances.

On the off chance that you experience difficulty finding an enclosure cleaner, refined white vinegar and water can be blended into a perfect splash bottle (1:1 proportion) and utilized in your guinea pig’s environment.

Utilize an extra washcloth to wipe down the territory, at that point flush the living space with plain water to eliminate any leftover buildup or smell.

The natural surroundings ought to be totally dry prior to adding new litter and bedding.

4. Litter Box

Guinea pigs can be prepared to go to the bathroom in a litter box.

Some get the hang of it rapidly, while some won’t ever learn.

That is exactly how it is.

Simply recall that it’s not your guinea pig’s flaw in the event that they crap outside the litter box – some of the time they can have mishaps or it slips their mind.

Litter box preparing your guinea pig can be a successful method to make your everyday spot cleaning a lot simpler undertaking.

This should be possible by putting the litter box in the zone in which they like to go potty.

Make a point to never fill this case with feline litter, as this can be very destructive to your guinea pig.

Continuously fill this litter box with fitting sheet material for guinea pigs.

With the expansion of a litter box, you can undoubtedly eliminate the zones that contain squander without looking all through the pen every day.

5. Smell Control Bedding

By utilizing smell control bedding you can restrict smell in the middle of cleanings.

In spite of the fact that the sheet material can give an additional safeguard against the smell, it ought not to be utilized instead of spot cleaning or week-by-week profound cleanings.

Bedding produced using cedar or pine wood shavings has a charming smell that can veil scents brought about by your guinea pig’s pee.

Notwithstanding, cedar and pine shavings can be exceptionally aggravating to a guinea pig’s respiratory framework and can cause an unfavorably susceptible response that can show in a persistent skin issue.

Try to just utilize smell control things that are made explicitly for guinea pigs or other pocket pets.

6. By Checking Grease Glands (Male Guinea Pig Only)

You may have seen a gunky spot around the zone where you’d discover your guinea pig’s wannabe tail.

The oil organ, otherwise called the caudal organ, produces emissions for scenting and stamping purposes.

Consistent with its name, the dime-sized region emanates a slick, oily, or waxy substance.

Somewhat yucky, however absolutely normal.

Check your guinea pig’s oil organ (male guinea pigs just) week by week to ensure there is no development.

Development of this waxy material can prompt scents and potential confusion for your guinea pig if this is left unaddressed.

On the off chance that you can fondle any form around their oil organ try to purge this region with coconut oil to slacken up the waxy material, at that point wash clean.

7. Visiting Intriguing Pet Vet

Guinea pigs make great pets and are a decent best option for showing pet consideration to kids.

They are delicate and intuitive, and simple to keep in the home.

They love to eat, and some will screech and gab enthusiastically before dinners!

Whenever frightened, they will in general freeze or run for cover.

Whenever housed, took care of, and really focused on appropriately, they seldom become ill.

Their life expectancy midpoints 5-6 years, with some living to 8.

Consider a visit to your nearby pet vet on the off chance that you notice that a sharp smell actually stays regardless of how proficiently you clean the confine.

Guinea pigs can have ear diseases, urinary plot contaminations, skin diseases, and other ailments that can bring about a foul smell.

8. Food Precautions

Evade food sources that can cause upset stomachs in guinea pigs and can make them put off a sharp scent from their stool.

At the most fundamental level, guinea pigs are herbivores.

That implies that they simply eat leafy foods—no dairy, eggs, meat, or bugs for these little folks.

New roughage and new verdant vegetables should make up the majority of your guinea pig’s eating regimen.

It’s ideal to dump out your guinea pig’s food and water each day, clean the dishes, and fill them with new food and water.

Some particular nourishments that may cause issues for some guinea pigs incorporate broccoli, brussels sprouts, dairy items, avocado, and a chunk of ice lettuce.

9. Washing Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs possibly require washing when important.

Cavies will normally prep themselves.

You may see an obscure fluid that will be discharged from your cavies eyes.

This fluid will help with cleaning your guinea pig’s face and body.

A guinea pig will prepare itself various times each day frequently subsequent to eating vegetables or in the wake of tunneling through grass feed.

Washing your guinea pig shouldn’t be done again and again.

They may get excessively cold or are put in danger of skin disturbance, albeit periodically a decent shower is essential.

In the event that your guinea pig has ruined themselves or has to squander developed on their back end, it could be the ideal opportunity for a brisk shower.

Make a point to keep this cycle as quick as conceivable to keep them from being cold for a significant stretch of time.

Just utilize a cleanser made explicitly for guinea pigs, and consistently ensure your guinea pig is totally dry prior to returning them to their pen.

10. Hair Cut/Style

Preparing your guinea pig is important for the standard (and frequently every day) upkeep that your little pet will require.

You must have good grooming kit for your guinea pig.

On the off chance that your guinea pigs have short hair, at that point, there is no compelling reason to trim their hide by any stretch of the imagination.

It will follow specific development cycles and every hair shaft will drop out willingly and is probably not going to become excessively long.

In the event that your guinea pig has long hair, at that point trimming it can be considerably more agreeable and imply that you need to prepare them less routinely.

Long-haired guinea pigs whose hair is left long have braids that will in general get exceptionally hitched and tangled, with loads of pieces of roughage and food stalling out that they can’t eliminate themselves.

A prepping meeting can incorporate brushing their hair (they have hair, not hide!), washing, and nail cutting but rather not all these errands require to be attempted each day.

A little hairstyle might be required, particularly if your piggy has long hair or they are inclined to have a development of waste on their back end or scents of pee from the hide on their back end.

A short-haired guinea pig can be brushed week by week yet you should brush and get through the manes of long-haired cavies consistently – they are a lot higher upkeep!

By managing the hair on their back end they are less inclined to amass any loss in their hide when they utilize the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

The more regularly you clear out your guinea pigs, the less they will smell.

On the off chance that you discover your pets are getting somewhat rotten, at that point maybe you should expand the recurrence with which you clear out their confine.

For instance, in the event that you have four guinea pigs and you clear them out double seven days, at that point, you could give cleaning them a shot three times each week and check whether that makes a difference.

Another tip is to keep a little piece of downy or towel or a most loved toy in the cage.

In the event that this is vigorously set apart with your guinea pig’s aroma over the long run, at that point each time you clear them out then they may feel less have to stamp their ‘new’ walled-in area with their fragrance.

A few proprietors have had a ton of progress with a method known as spot-cleaning.

On the off chance that you eliminate the earth and ruined sheet material from these regions consistently, at that point you can lessen the development of smell in the middle of the fundamental cleans.


Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes

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