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10 Ways To Keep Guinea Pigs Entertained

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: September 16, 2021

Looking for ways to keep guinea pigs entertained?

Guinea pigs are loving and adorable creatures who used to live as prey animals, which is why they developed their sleeping pattern.

Also, they are herd animals and love company.

Thus, if you have only one guinea pig, give your pet guinea pig a friend as two guinea pigs can keep each other company and entertain each other when you are not around. 

These small animals need your love and affection; however, they also need to be active mentally and physically to stay healthy, and that’s what guinea pig toys offer.

The tips provided in this article will give you a variety of options to keep your guinea pig entertained at all times even when you are out working and when you are at home.

10 Ways To Keep Guinea Pigs Entertained

Follow the tips and make your guinea pig stay healthy and entertained thanks to the guinea pig toys.

It’s important to point out that before you let your guinea pig out of his cage, you need to make sure that the room and the surrounding environment are safe.

You can do this by taking out chemicals, removing house plants, and other objects which are harmful and toxic to your guinea pig’s wellbeing.

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1. Tunnels

Guinea pigs and other rodents have a natural instinct for digging tunnels and it will keep your guinea pig entertained for days.

Due to their closed habitats at home, they cannot exercise their instincts.

However, there are toys that you can easily install into a guinea pig’s cage such as tunnel-like objects.

They enjoy drilling so wrapping paper tubes are perfect to keep your guinea pig happy.

The middle tube of kitchen towels is suitable; just put treats in the middle of the tube!

You can also make use of a rodent igloo which is made of plastics.

Ensure to open the entire tube to avoid your guinea pig from getting stuck playing in the tunnel.

We recommend this tunnel for an easy way to keep your pet entertained.

2. Stuffed Tubes With Hay

Using stuffed tubes with hay is entertaining and healthy at the same time.

It’s economical and a favorite for your guinea pig, stuffed- hay paper towel makes a great toy to play with and munch on.

You can add your pet’s favorite treat just in the middle of the hay tube just to make it extra special and fun for your guinea pig.

This will help trim and keep their teeth healthy.

Guinea pigs also have fun going on food hunts which will keep your guinea pig entertained for a long time.

Tie a treat to a rope and drag it on the ground just so your guinea pig can chase after it, you can then hide the treat for a while just so your guinea pig can look for it.

Food hunts are very entertaining for your guinea pig.

3. Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box is an ideal fun house for your guinea pig.

Make some holes in the side of the box and stuff the holes with different kinds of their favorite treats in the box then put the box in your pets’ cage so they go in and out in search of their favorite treats.

This is an ideal way to ensure your guinea pig is happy and busy, it plays the role of a hideout and a snack.

Guinea pigs more often than not get bored even when they are not stimulated physically and mentally and that’s why you want to make sure you keep your guinea pig entertained at all times.

You can easily make a maze on a used cardboard box.

Be flexible and make a twist in the boxes like adding bridges, however, do well to reserve a treat and they can get a reward even when they complete the maze challenge.

4. Hay or Grass Chew Balls

Guinea pig chew balls are made from 100% natural ingredients and it makes an excellent toy.

It’s a tasty treat, it entertains and keeps the teeth of your pets’ level at all times.

In making this play toy, you’ll need old socks filled up with materials for bedding.

Tie the socks on one end and cut it.

Guinea pigs enjoy chewing and rolling these balls all around their cage.

Chew toys satisfy your guinea pig and encourage their urge to chew.

Also, a ping pong ball can be quite interesting for your guinea pig.

Yes, the piggy won’t be able to chew the ball, but it will enjoy pushing it around.

5. Paper Bags

Guinea pigs naturally like to play in their cage and hide in things.

Cut a hole in the sides of the paper bags so your guinea pigs can sneak peek around them, and make sure to keep them entertained with improvised toys.

Make space in the paper bag so your guinea pig can run in and out of the paper tube, you can start by hiding treats in the paper bag.

It is inexpensive and you will have it at home on standby.

Paper bags make perfect toys for your guinea pig, they like the sound the crumpled papers make when been played with.

Avoid the use of plastic bags this could suffocate them.

6. A Playpen For Free Time

Guineas also have fun even while spending their free time outside of the cage such as playing in an enclosed pet pen.

This playpen allows guinea pigs to have freedom and fun by going through all the sections.

Guinea pigs love to play in their cage with their buddies, this playpen is a good avenue for them to link up.

Also, guinea pigs like to have a good time with their pet parents.

It’s ideal for every guinea pig owner to have, it is portable and will be a great addition for your guinea pig in the neighborhood park.

7. Chew Toys

Guinea pigs love treats but they also love toys.

Your guinea pig will never get tired of chewing if give your guinea pig a chew toy.

Guinea pigs’ teeth are open rooted, hence they need to chew regularly to keep their teeth in check.

As long as you select high-grade all-natural wood for guinea pig toys, these sticks are not only sweet they also provide health benefits even by keeping your guinea pig’s teeth trimmed.

You can also give more chewing options like wicker toys, shoebox castles, and plain wood to keep their teeth healthy.

You should avoid any guinea pig toys that have sharp edges while also make sure you keep their teeth clean and healthy.

8. Giant Labyrinth

This game has similar features to the tunnel/maze building, the difference is you need more space and you’ll have to spend a bit more money on this particular project.

To carry on this project successfully you’ll have to make cardboard boxes together with cardboard tubes available.

For this game exercise, you’ll cut open the tube to ensure your guinea pig doesn’t get stuck, then make holes in the cardboard boxes the same as the tubes, then use duct tape to hold the entire tube boxes together.

Once the building has been completed you can add your pets’ favorite treats throughout the giant guinea pig playhouse so you can keep your guinea pig around while they explore and have fun.

We highly recommend this guinea pig maze for plenty of entertainment.

9. Tug Of War

It may take some time for your guinea pigs to understand the idea behind this game, but once they do you’ll be happy and entertained by the game results.

Get a clean old sock as a toy, stuff it with hay then tie a knot so the hay doesn’t fall off and this is one of the ways to keep your guinea pigs running around in their cage and stay healthy.

The idea here is that the aroma of the hay will attract the guinea pigs to make them take little bites on the hay socks, apply a gentle and soft touch on your own end of the tug.

The game usually ends with your guinea pig dragging the hay socks around their habitat.

So, this is one of the ways to give your guinea pig some fun time!

10. Racing Pigs

If you’ve successfully trained your guinea pig to come around or to you whenever you call its pet name, this is the game for you.

This homemade race track will definitely make you laugh and keep your guinea pig around and entertained which is one of the ways to keep your guinea pigs running around in their cage and get enough exercise.

You’ll create the track by placing rows of low heavy items on a straight or curved line.

Make your pets aware at first that you put a treat at the other end of the race track so they get motivated to run after it.

Once your pets get a grasp of the game you can start to time the runs amongst so you and your pets can stay entertained.

You can also use an exercise wheel to help keep your guinea pig entertained and also give your pet some exercise.

11. Treats

Guinea pigs by nature are sociable pet animals, and guinea pigs love treats.

They enjoy being rewarded with treats, it helps make their meal menu to be diverse.

Entertainment by treats can occur in the following ways

In order to ensure proper muscle stimulation, keep the treats in areas that are hard to reach so they can stretch and stand on their back legs.

The sweet aroma of food encourages guinea pigs to play and explore their surroundings.

Hide bits of treats like carrots inside the cardboard/paper tube and place the tube inside their cage for them to explore.

A good way to ensure your pet stays happy and fit is by hanging a variety of fruits all around her cage which is one of the ways to keep your guinea pigs running around in their cage and stay fit.

Fruits like apples, carrots, cucumber are good options.

It will keep your pet busy as it goes around the toys and looks for food.

You could also think about surprising your pet with a special treat.

The aroma of sweet treats stimulates the appetite of your pet.

You can make provision for fresh fruits, seedless grapes, red/blueberries.

This will add variety to their diets.

Guinea pigs are social creatures; they don’t like to be excluded from things it will be advisable to place the cage in an area where they can be seen by people in the home and be aware of their environment.

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What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Do For Fun?

In conclusion, in making your guinea pig stay entertained you need to provide them with joy and activities, that shouldn’t be hard because guinea pigs love treats and toys.

You can also find them a small ball that they would chase after in their cage and have lots of fun.

Ensure your pet is kept busy chewing or playing during the daytime even when he is home alone.

Guinea pigs hate to be bored and that’s why you need toys laying around.

Guinea pigs are naturally intelligent and very curious about a lot of things.

To enjoy these activities better it will be good to make a routine for your pet playmate.

Always try to make the best and comfortable living environment for your furry animal by providing them with a large cage for them to roll and play wound in.

You don’t have to make so many expenses in making these play toys and activities available, most of the materials you need can be found at home.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that guinea pigs are social animals and they love company.

Regardless of how much you love your pet, it still needs a companion to play with and communicate.

In this article, we have presented only some of the ways in which you can keep your guinea pig entertained.

However, with two guinea pigs, there’s much more fun! 


Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes

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