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10 Best Guinea Pig Jewelry Products & Their Reviews

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: March 4, 2022

There are many guinea pig jewelry options on the market.

You can buy pendants, lockets, or bracelets, and these are all accessories that make pet lovers feel closer to their pets.

Also, as a guinea pig owner and a true fan of these small animals, you might be thinking about purchasing accessories, clothing, or other everyday items such as guinea pig socks, T-shirts, or hoodies.

The best thing is that guinea pig jewelry is not expensive and is accessible for everyone.

Apart from yourself, you can also purchase guinea pig accessories as a perfect gift for someone who loves these furry small animals.


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10 Best Guinea Pig Jewelry Products Reviewed

Finally, let’s take a look at the top ten products.

1. Guinea Pig Necklace - IBD - Sterling Silver 14K Rose Gold Filled

Guinea Pig Necklace - IBD - Personalize Name Date - Pendant Size Options - Sterling Silver 14K Rose...
  • Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, or 14K Rose Gold Filled
  • Choose Chain Length and Pendant Size
  • Add Engraving, if Desired
  • Beautiful Gift for a Guinea Pig Lover

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This guinea pig necklace has the most exquisite quality available at this price range.

Buyers can have their personalized pendants and their names engraved.

The writings can be done in different fonts and with different sizes; numerous options are available.

There are three different sizes of chains to choose from, that are equally durable and everlasting.

935 Argentum Sterling Silver is used for the pedants.

This grade of silver provides extra protection to the overall material and is seven times more tarnish-resistant.

There are two options to choose from, that provide an extra element to the finishing of the pendants.

The pendants are cut and polished with care and the chains are cut and assembled by the team very carefully.

The 14k gold-filled and the 14k rose gold-filled, these materials can help in making these pendants even more attractive and valuable.

There are a lot of options to choose from regarding the engravings, you let it be a date, a name, or even a short phrase.

The pendants also have a spot for a cut-out, these cutouts are mostly heart-shaped.

There are some precautions for using these specific pieces of jewelry.

The Sterling silver is not handled with care, it will deteriorate from exposure to moisture.

But to have it last longer and keep looking like new, be sure to take it off before stepping in for a bath.

Also, be very careful and use a Sterling silver cleaner from your local jewelry store so it does not look worn out.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The materials used will not corrode over time
  • The endless options of modifications are engaging
  • Numerous sizes choose from

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2. Guinea Pig Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver Hooks

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The guinea pig earrings are great for guinea pig lovers, it highlights your love for the adorable furballs.

The best thing about these earrings is the fact that you do not have to spend too much to afford these stylish pieces.

This is the most definite and to the point present that you can give to anyone, a very precise show of affection.

The earrings are made with the best kinds of materials available, 925 Sterling Silver is quite durable.

The best thing about this specific kind of silver is that it’s hypoallergenic and it works to prevent any allergies for people with sensitive skins.

It can be the perfect gift for guinea pig owners because the package comes packed as a gift box.

It’s very affordable at this price range, as the most exquisite materials are used for its production.

The hooks are made from sterling silver, which enables them to last longer for kind of use.

The package includes two things, the Sterling silver hooks and the guinea pig charms.

These are made with attention to detail and they are designed to stand out.

The earrings are very symmetrical, making them quite a beautiful piece of jewelry for you to own.

Pro & Benefits:

  • The silver used helps to minimize the threat of infection
  • The earrings come prepackaged in a gift box
  • The sterling silver hooks are quite durable
  • The earrings are designed to be attractive

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3. Guinea Pig Memorial Necklace |Pet Sympathy Gift | Pet Keepsake

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A customizable guinea pig memorial necklace for anyone who lost a pet can be a very powerful gift.

This necklace can be customized for anyone you want, a family member, you, or a friend.

For anyone who has lost a best friend, this is a very meaningful way to remember a very special pet.

The package includes four items and these items can show the significance of your lost animal.

An aluminum plate of 0.375” x 1.75” is included which can have the paws of your animal engraved, and also the name you want to engrave.

The second item included is a guinea pig charm designed to perfection that is made out of a silver alloy.

A steel chain that is designed in a way that complements the exquisite style of the aluminum plate.

Lastly, a steel leaf that connects one to nature and the lost pet.

The jewelry will come prepackaged in very presentable organza and it will be ready to be given as a gift.

The price is quite affordable and it has such great reviews from the users.

This piece of jewelry won’t be an ordinary possession, it will help you to connect to your loved ones.

You can easily make a memory out of this amazing product, you won’t be forgotten after helping someone grieve and cherish something beautiful.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Guinea pig necklace made of premium materials  
  • Many options to choose from for the engravings
  • A very beautiful packaging
  • Very affordable

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4. Guinea Pig Birthstone Earrings, Pet Jewelry

Guinea Pig Birthstone Earrings, Personalized Rodent Earrings, Cute Animal Earrings, Pet Jewelry
  • Handmade item.
  • Drop length: approximately 1 1/8 inches (28mm) from bottom of ear wire. Total length: approximately 1 3/4 inches...
  • CHOOSE your birthstone crystal at checkout (November/Topaz is pictured) and if you'd like to upgrade to solid .925...
  • Each pair of earrings are handmade to your specifications and I will make sure they are just as Beautiful!
  • These personalized Guinea Pig earrings will arrive in a gift box, ready for gift giving or to treat yourself.

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Personalized earrings for guinea pigs with a birthstone can keep you updated and in touch with your fashion styles.

The earrings include a total length of around two inches, they have a birthstone included along with a guinea pig charm.

The hooks are normal silver but also have the additional option of upgrading to 20 gauge 0.925 Sterling silver for additional safety.

Sterling silver provides a sterilized platform to minimize the risk of infection.

Each earring is handmade and with proper attention to detail, producing the best grade of quality for your use.

A huge amount of collection of Swarovski birthstone crystals to choose from to attach to the earrings.

Swarovski crystal is cut with precision and care and that is why they remain to be the most valuable in the market.

The earrings come prepackaged in a craft box so you can easily give them to someone.

The guinea pig charms are made from lead and nickel-free materials, like zinc/ silver alloy.

An additional option for custom colors of your own choice is also available, as the colors in the option may vary.

You can easily print the color you want and forward a picture of your own choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Endless options of colors to choose from
  • The best quality of hooks
  • The birthstones are shaped very intricately
  • The earrings are prepackaged and ready to be gifted

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5. Guinea Pig Memorial Bracelet | Pet Sympathy Gift | Keepsake

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The guinea pig memorial bracelet can help you to remember the lost pet most beautifully.

The bracelets are designed with attention to detail and love, they are worn to showcase the love you had for the lost pet.

The bracelet can be customized for the person you want.

You can give it to a friend, a sibling, or yourself.

With the endless options to choose from, you can be really satisfied with the kind of product that will be produced especially for you.

The package that will be delivered to you includes four things.

A stainless steel bangle that is sized according to your likings.

A one-inch round aluminum plate that can be customized according to your needs, different names can be embossed with different fonts.

Three different silver alloy charms, a guinea pig, a paw, and a wing.

All of these signify the eternal place your pet has traveled to.

All of the items come in very pretty organza packaging and are ready to be delivered to your loved ones.

The best part about this package is that it’s quite affordable and quite durable, it can last for a long time.

This bracelet has an emotional value like no other material in your possession.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are a lot of modifications that can be done on the aluminum plate
  • You can get the bracelet prepackaged
  • The bracelet is very durable
  • Three unique charms are also added

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6. Guinea Pig Earrings - Animal Stud Earrings -  Pet Earrings

Guinea Pig Earrings - Animal Stud Earrings - Funs Animal Stud Earrings - Pet Earrings
  • Size: Approx. 9 mm (width) / 9 mm (height)
  • Animal Stud Earrings
  • Nickel-Free

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These earrings are handmade and they have been crafted with love and care for the customers.

The quality of these earrings is quite immaculate, they are made by hand.

The size may slightly vary because of the labor that goes into them.

The studs are made out of surgical steel, due to which the risk of infection is minimized.

Images of the guinea pigs are printed with high-quality printers and then cut very carefully by hand, due to which the sizes may vary.

The cutouts are then sealed with a glossy glaze, protecting the prints.

Then the treated printouts are then attached to polymer clay, these little marvels are created with the utmost attention.

The important thing to note about these earrings; they are made by hand so both sizes may slightly be different.

The approximate dimensions of these earrings are 7mm in width and 12mm in height.

The materials used for these earrings are completely nickel-free.

The proportion of these materials makes them qualified to be known as hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for sensitive skin types.

Just make sure to take them off when you go for a shower or a bath, these earrings are not waterproof.

Cleaning your new earrings would be a simple job, just using a clean cloth can do the job, no solutions are required.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic material is used to minimize infection
  • The handmade style is quite fascinating and picturesque
  • Very easy to clean
  • Simple designs that are very attractive
  • The dimensions are easily manageable

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7. Guinea pig Necklace - Personalized Initial

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This guinea pig necklace is made from materials that are free from lead, nickel, and zinc.

The materials are hypoallergenic and can be used by people with skin that are sensitive.

The necklace is quite pleasing because of the additional components that are added along with the chain.

A total of three components are added, a guinea pig charm, a heart disc, and an initial disc.

A personalized disc that has an option to have your choice of initials, with a huge option of fonts to choose from.

The guinea pig charm is made with love and care to complement your pet very neatly and sweetly.

This guinea pig necklace comes packed in a very pretty and very presentable gift box, so you don’t have to worry about the packing.

It’s an amazing item to give someone who’s quite fond of guinea pigs and hamsters.

The creators of this magical piece of jewelry have been very thorough with their packing, it contains some commendable reviews.

The chain uses a lobster claw as its lock, it can be quite easy to use.

Also, the chain has multiple size options, you can choose according to your needs and requirements.

These lockets are made for those who want to show how fond they are of their animals.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You will have three different things apart from your chain
  • Comes prepackaged
  • Quite an affordable price range
  • The best kind of material and dimensions used for circular plates

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8. Guinea pig Cavia porcellus cavy rodent .925 Sterling Silver Charm

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Sterling silver charm is quite eye-catching and durable, a very beautiful thing to have in your possession.

The frame, chain, and clasp are made from really high-quality 0.925 sterling silver, this material is known to be very solid and sturdy.

The frame has two diameter options and these can make a whole lot of difference.

The two options of the frame’s diameter are 18mm and 25mm, these frames contain a very high-resolution printout of a guinea pig of your own choice.

The printouts are further treated with a protective transparent layer of resin, this technique helps to make the printouts more secure.

The overall weight of the complete product is quite light and very easy to use as a key ring.

The high-quality resin that is poured makes the product very vibrant and soothing to look at, this ensures that the high-quality image is safe and secure.

This piece has been designed very carefully so that both males and females can use it, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

You can use it for several reasons, it can be used as a key ring or a cute little button pasted on the refrigerator.

The heart connected to the chain also adds to the beautiful look of the key chain.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good material that is used
  • The protective resin is top quality
  • The clasp is very sturdy for any kind of use
  • The chain is very durable

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9. Guinea pig Necklace - IBD - Guinea Pig Rodent Pet Lover Jewelry - Sterling Silver 14K Rose Gold Filled

Hamster Necklace - IBD - Guinea Pig Rodent Pet Lover Jewelry - Personalize Name Date - Pendant Size...
  • Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, or 14K Rose Gold Filled
  • Choose Pendant Size and Chain Length
  • Add Engraving, if Desired
  • Beautiful Gift for a Hamster Lover

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This piece of jewelry uses the best quality of metal to maximize your value of money, it does try to go the cheaper way.

It’s made out of Sterling silver, one of the most sturdy and lightweight materials available for jewelry, it does corrode over time.

Also, there are a few options of the finishing you want for your lockets, there is an option for the 14k gold-filled finishing and the 14k rose gold-filled finishing.

The 935 grade of Sterling silver is used, it does not cause any irritation to people with sensitive skin types.

You have an endless list of options for the kind of engravings you want on the lockets, you can choose from various fonts and different sizes.

The length of the chain can also be chosen from the available different sizes, these sizes can make a difference in your looks and your aesthetics.

The pendant is cut with absolute precision using a laser and then very carefully polished to come to the level of quality the company strives for.

Every item that is included is made with the utmost care and then packed with a very beautiful presentation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The laser cuts are quite neat
  • There are various lengths for the chain
  • You can choose from numerous font styles and sizes
  • The packing is quite presentable

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10. Guinea Pigs, Animals of Our World Keychain, Purse Clip or Necklace

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The guinea pig key chain is quite sturdy and has a very retro look with a bronze finishing.

The chain is made out of Carbon Steel and it’s very strong, it’s immune to any kind of rust or corrosion, making this key chain quite iconic and very durable for daily use.

There are multiple components along with the chain.

Many charms are added along with the chain, the most highlighted one is the charm that includes the high-resolution picture of the guinea pigs.

There are many other charms apart from the picture charm, namely the world charm, an elephant, an angel wing, the love charm.

The protected charm has a very beautiful proportion and the paw charm is a complete cut-out.

These charms provide an extra depth to the overall chain.

At the end of your order, you will also get an option to choose a plate charm that can have your initials on it.

There are many size options to choose from, so this chain remains compatible with all types of customer requirements.

The materials used in this chain are completely free from zinc, cadmium, and lead.

The product is shipped in a very beautiful gift box, that will be according to the likings of anyone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A vast number of charms
  • The best finishing of the chain
  • Many different sizes to choose from
  • You have the option to include an additional initial plate

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Why Purchase Guinea Pig Accessories and Jewelry?

The items that have been included in this list have been chosen very carefully.

The people who love pets would be amazed to have such kinds of products readily available for them to buy.

These products are inexpensive and possess the best quality at this price point.

Missing out on this amazing opportunity would be something you wouldn’t want to do.

There are numerous items available online, but usually, most of them try to rip off the buyer.

But with this list, you can trust our sources and our in-depth research before referring to a product.

There are many different products on this list, you can choose a pendant, a bracelet, a key chain, and even earrings.

These products are perfect for people who want to keep close to their pets and always want to have them with themselves.

The products use top-grade materials to make such pieces of art for their customers.

These products are extremely durable and all of them make sure to be very tolerable for people with sensitive skins.

It can work wonders for people who avoid jewelry because of their sensitive and insecure skins.

This list can help you to search for the exact kind of product that you require for yourself or someone close to you.

It can be a memorial for a pet that has passed away or it can be a joyous revival of the one that is already with you.

One more thing to note about these products is that they all include a very beautiful gift packing along with the product, so you don’t have to think about any of that.

Final Thoughts

There are many interesting and cute products on the market such as accessories, clothing, or other everyday items, ideal as a perfect gift for guinea pig lovers.

Regardless of your needs and preferences and whether you wear accessories in your everyday life, some of these pieces of guinea pig jewelry will charm you.

Check them out and make yourself happy by purchasing one of these cute items.


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