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Why Is My Guinea Pig Shaking? (Head, Bum, Feet & Body)

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: December 12, 2021

Guinea pig shaking can be nerve-wracking for guinea pig enthusiasts and lovers to see their pets move to be unsure why their pets move like that.

All animals shake or shiver.

Should guinea pig lovers out there be concerned?

Today, we will talk about why our pet guinea pig is shaking?

So, let’s investigate, feed your mind with the awareness and understanding of why your pet guinea pig is shaking.

Why Guinea Pigs Shake?

Well, there are numerous ins and outs to this situation.

They play an enormous reason in how you will, as an owner, react.

Here are the reasons why.

They could be cold because of the weather, and they maybe are scared for some reason, are excited and feeling overjoyed, feel a little bit of anxiety.

Maybe, there is an external factor at play as to why they are pet guinea pigs shaking.

Underneath are the explanations why your pet guinea pigs are shaking with the all-in-one piece specifics.

Make sure to read and comprehend each one of the ins and outs to have the awareness and understanding of how to deal with this kind of condition.

Remember, at all times, consult your vet for more information and thoughts on any condition your pet guinea pig might be feeling.

Feeling Cold

Most warm-blooded animals produce heat to battle the icy weather.

Shaking or shivering is a hint that your pet is feeling cold.

Yes, they are fluffy critters, but guinea pigs are still warm-blooded creatures and therefore feel cold when the surroundings’ temperature dropped considerably.

This is an involuntary muscle movement that they experience when feeling cold or under the weather.

Make sure to pay attention to their behavioral patterns and assess the environment where you and your pet live.

After baths, your pet guinea pig will feel cold because of the water.

Dry them instantaneously with a fresh towel or cloth to relieve them in feeling cold.

Don’t worry, though; after baths, and it’s typical for guinea pigs to feel a cold sensation.

Experiencing Fear

Fear is a normal feeling and reaction for animals, and it can act as a protective mechanism to some animals that trigger their instincts.

Feeling fear is typical to animals, especially guinea pigs shake when they’re frightened.

You can tell by the body movement of your pet guinea pig, but it could mean quite a lot of things.

Maybe your guinea pig picked up a loud blast like the sound of thunder, or your pet got spooked or felt a deadly experience.

It could hide someplace safe to reduce the fear experienced.

To relieve their fear, make sure to have a hiding spot that will lessen your pet’s dear, anxiety, and stress.

If your pet has a cage, cover the front of it with a blanket.

Being secured will always make the safe and sound.

Make sure to calm your guinea pig and to have a secure environment for your pets.

Feeling Happy

Feeling happy or excited is common for pets when they see their beloved owner.

When guinea pigs feel happiness, they often shake to let the owners know that they are happy about something.

Maybe he loves that you gave them a treat or they liked that you’re playing with them.

One reason for shaking is that they are content.

This is why pets, in general, show the owners how they feel in their cute way.

Guinea pigs are not like humans in a way that it’s easy for us to communicate with one another.

Owners and guinea pig lovers may not know what their pets are saying, but they can show us what they feel in a certain manner.

Petting guinea pigs can often make them shake, and they are overjoyed, so this is their way of showing it to you.

This is normal most of the time, but sometimes, if you’re petting them and they shake, they’re scared of you.

Create a friendly bond with them and earn their trust so that they can be comfortable with you.

Asserting Dominance

Guinea pigs like to shake when they emphasize some kind of domination over other guinea pigs.

It’s part of their behavior patterns, and it’s their method of saying they’re the much manlier guinea pig.

Guinea pigs, in mating episodes, male guinea pigs shake their bodies with a rumbling sound to contend with other male guinea pigs.

If you have several guinea pigs as pets and a mix of male and female, you might notice their bodies shivering because they state masculinity over the other.

Always be responsive to them at all times.

Being Sick

If the other reasons on the list are not present during this phenomenon, your pet guinea pig could be sick.

Your pet may have a fever.

Being cold not only because of the cold weather but because of internal factors that affect your pet’s health might also be the reason why your guinea pig is feeling cold or shaking.

Normally, when having a fever, the body temperature suddenly rises, and they will feel cold even though the temperature of the surroundings is at a not so cold and not so hot state.

Make sure to check your vet for more details on how to negate your pet guinea pig’s shaking.

If your pet guinea pig shakes its head, it might have health issues.

An ear infection could be the culprit or reason for that phenomenon.

Remember that animals have a certain way of saying, “something’s wrong.”

Diseases That Make Guinea Pigs Shake And How To Deal With Them

Several illnesses that make your guinea shake or shiver include certain factors.

Therefore, let us take a look at them.


This is common to pets and other animals.

When their body temperature drops, they feel cold and will shake because of that.

To deal with this situation, you can do certain things, as the following ones.

Ensure that your pet is in a warm environment, and cover your guinea pig with a clean and soft blanket to lessen its body temperature.

If your pet cannot eat, you can force-feed them by using a liquid dropper so that they can drink their food.

Make sure that they are always hydrated because water can cool down the body’s temperature.

If not sure what to do, always consult your vet first; we don’t want to apply medication ourselves and risk our pet’s life.

Ear Infection

One symptom of ear infection is that guinea pigs tend to shake their heads.

This is a life-threatening disease for guinea pigs, and it’s fatal to them if not cured immediately.

Guinea pigs will feel pain and discomfort in their ears when experiencing ear infections, making them shake their heads.

The best way to deal with this situation is to consult your vet immediately.

This is a serious thing for guinea pigs, and you might lose your lovely pet if you do not seek medical assistance immediately.

Mites or Fleas

This can be very irritating for your pet because having mites or fleas are very itchy.

Guinea pigs will shake their body to get rid of them or to get rid of the itchiness they feel.

Make sure to clean your pet properly, bathe them with clean water and use the appropriate soap.

Do this regularly to make sure that they are squeaky clean.

Also, make sure that the environment is clean too.

It should always start with a clean environment to avoid bacterial infections.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Shaking?

There are several answers to that.

Guinea pigs shake and shiver for different reasons.

They are either cold, scared, excited, content, or they are suffering from illness.

Check for factors that may cause your guinea pig to shake or shiver.

It may be normal, or it may be something else.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Cold After A Bath?

Don’t be concerned with this one.

Normally, guinea pigs feel cold after baths because of the water and the room’s temperature or the weather.

Guinea pigs, when wet for a long period of time, shake and shiver.

Don’t worry, it’s natural.

What Should I Do When My Guinea Pig Is Shaking?

The best way is to make sure that you wrap your pet with a clean and dry cloth to lower its body temperature and minimize the shaking.

Take your pet to the vet for examinations.

Always equip yourself with important information on this matter to know how to deal with this kind of situation.

Don’t panic, be attentive, and stay calm.

Staying calm can help you think clearly.

How Do I Keep My Guinea Pig Warm When It Has A Fever?

Wrap your pet with a fresh and dry cloth.

Make sure that his enclosure has the right temperature to be relaxing for him.

His cage also has to be dry.

Constantly arrange the right foods and make sure your pet is hydrated.

Water can aid temperature control.

Your pet should be able to drink sufficient amounts of water.

Check on your pet frequently, and pay attention to the slight details and always check in your vet for further treatment and medication.

Why Is My Guinea Pig’s Head Shaking?

This is very important.

Kudos to you for being attentive, and there are several reasons.

Your pet might have parasites.

You know, fleas, mites, and lice?

This cannot be very pleasant to your pet’s skin.

They shake their heads to reduce itchiness, and another reason is your pet might have ear infections.

Watch out for this one!

This is fatal to guinea pigs, so seek medical attention immediately.

What Should I Do When My Guinea Pig Is Shaking?

If your pet is shaking because your pet is happy or excited, you don’t have to worry.

If it’s for other reasons, you should consider consulting your vet.

If you’re not sure, take your pet to your local vet to know more about it and to take the necessary measures for this situation.

Why Does My Pet Shake When I Play With Him?

The number one reason for that is that your pet is happy and excited.

All pets get happy and excited when their owners pet them.

Sometimes, you’ll hear a purring sound.

They are most likely to enjoy themselves.

Don’t stress yourself and your pet; live the moment and share happy memories with your pet.

Give them treats from time to time, making sure your unyielding bond will not diminish.

What Are The Things To Do When Guinea Pigs Shake?

Cozy Environment

Make sure your guinea pigs are warm, clean, and secure.

Having a great environment for them will make them feel better.

Make them comfortable as possible, do not just put them somewhere.

Have love and respect for those little critters, and they are going to do the same for you.

Clean Environment

Secure a clean environment for them.

Cleanliness will assure you, as a guinea pig owner, the safety of your pet.

This will help your pet to avoid different kinds of diseases.

It should always start in a clean environment.

Provide Sufficiently Food And Water

Give your pet food and adequate amounts of water.

Water helps the body regulate its temperature.

Make sure that the nutrition and diet of your pet are on point.

Apply medication if necessary or if prescribed by your vet.

Room Temperature

Try to make the room slightly warmer to make your guinea pig stop shaking.

Try to regulate the room’s temperature to make it comfy for your pet.

Remember, having a pet is a huge obligation.

Control Them

Keep a good eye on them; being focused can save your pet’s natural life.

Just minor specifics will help your pets live an extensive and contented life.

Visit A Vet

If the shaking doesn’t subside, check in with your veterinarian.

Every so often, home preparations don’t work.

It’s suitable to seek out medical assistance and treatment.

Contact your local or family vet.

It could be ordinary, or it could be a severe instance.

You’ll certainly not know what might come.

Always be ready, particularly when it comes to your pets.

What You Should Do

Guinea pigs have a sense or have behavioral patterns that tell you what they feel or what they want to say; all pets and animals are like that.

They give off signs to you, so you would know, as their owner, that they feel pleased, unhappy, frightened, cold, warm, or endangered.

It’s up to the owners to be accountable for the welfare of their pet guinea pigs.

At all times, have a good eye on them, make sure they are fed and stay hydrated and, they feel safe and relaxed in any way.

Pet them frequently so you and your pet can institute a bond that will earn your pet’s confidence so they can be at ease around you and not be terrified.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, a guinea pig shaking and shivering can mean several things, it might be excited, frightened, itchy, or feel cold.

Some reasons are normal, and some reasons are life-threatening, be sure to watch them closely and be attentive to your pets.

Guinea pigs are amusing as pets, so make sure to love them back and at all times treat them right.


Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes

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