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10 Best Guinea Pig Carrier Alternatives & Their Reviews

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: March 11, 2022

Are you looking for the best guinea pig carrier so you can take your small pet on a trip with you?

Maybe you just need a pet carrier for daily use?

Maybe you just need a place to keep your pet while cleaning your guinea pig’s cage?

Whatever the case, in this article, we review the top picks, the 10 best guinea pig carriers we found on the market.

Let’s check them out.


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10 Best Guinea Pig Carriers Reviewed

The 10 guinea pig carriers we feature in this article ensure your guinea pig’s safety, comfort, ventilation, and convenience.

1. H&R Portable Small Animal Carrier Bag with Detachable Strap Zipper, Suitable for Outdoor Travel

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This carrier for your small animal is a durable bag that features a strap for an easy and comfortable way to carry your furry friend.

It weighs 5.1oz/146g with the size of 7.1″ x 7.1″ x 5.9″ (L*W*H).

This small animal carrier is just like any other shoulder bag but with your guinea pigs inside it.

Just like most guinea pig carriers, this one is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Equipped with a zipper and grid cloth door, it prevents your little guinea pig from running out.

The ventilation holes in this small animal travel carrier are optimal as your guinea pig can breathe normally without feeling any discomfort.

If you’re wondering whether will a guinea pig feel safe in this small pet carrier, the answer is yes.

A guinea pig traveling with you shouldn’t be a hassle for you.

You can take your pet anywhere, without any worry.

This small animal carrier is also suitable for other small animal pets such as hamsters, hedgehogs, bunny rabbits, small lizards, and even snakes.

The bag is cute and perfect for your guinea pig pet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Waterproof oxford cloth guinea pig carrier
  • Resistance to bites
  • Cotton, soft and warm
  • Zipper design, with PP pads
  • Detachable strap and hand carry belt design

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2. Ximimark Small Pet Carrier Bag

ximimark Pet Carrier Bag Soft-Sided Carriers Hamster Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag with 1 Pieces...
  • 1.All Pet Takeout Kit use high quality sponge,soft texture,so that your pet would like to stay in the bag inside.
  • 2.The mesh design at the top of the bag makes the pet breathe more smoothly,also you can put something in the bag...
  • 3.Pet carrier bag material:Plastic mesh,velvet outer layer,sponge middle,thin velvet lining.
  • 4.Medium-length 7.9inches,wide 5.9inches,deep 2.8inches,for Hedgehogs,Guinea pig,Chinchilla,Small rabbit.The nylon...
  • 5.The size of bag is based on the size of your pet.Please confirm the size before purchase.

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The next guinea pig carrier on our list is this portable and attractive-looking outgoing bag for your guinea pig.

This pet carrier comes in three different colors: green, blue, and pink.

Likewise, it comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

This is a soft travel carrier and it makes your guinea pig comfortable.

Besides, you can easily carry it around, just like a Domo bag.

The mesh design located at the top of the bag provides adequate ventilation for your guinea pig.

The nylon straps of the small pet carrier can be adjusted from 78 to 98 cm.

The size of the bag is based on the size of an average adult guinea pig, so make sure to check whether it is suitable for your pet. 

If you want an adorable, comfortable and convenient way to carry your pet guinea pig, I suggest giving this small animal carrier a go.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Adjustable straps
  • Soft texture for the comfortability of your guinea pig
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Lightweight

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3. Adnikia Guinea Pig Carrier Bag

Hamster Carrier Bag, Pet Carrier Bags for Hamster, Rat, Hedgehog, Rabbit, Sugar Glider, Chinchilla,...
  • ✔ QUALIFIED MATERIAL - 100% Brand new ,Waterproof Canvas + Super soft short plush, High quality zipper + Hand...
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR SMALL PETS - Small Guinea pig(Under 6 months old), Sugar glider, Hamster, Hedgehog,...
  • DUAL-PURPOSE DESIGN - Large capacity and more comfortable. hand carry belt design - Easier to carry and take out...
  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE – Waterproof Cartoon canvas cloth, Adorable Cartoon heat shapes. Super soft short plush....
  • ✔ BEST SERVICE - We greatly value our customers and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If...

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The next guinea pig carrier on our list is a waterproof beautifully designed carrier bag.

So, to absorb waste, you will need absorbent bedding placed inside this super soft-sided guinea pig carrier.

Your small animal will feel comfortable inside even on longer distances.

The carrier bag has a high-quality zipper, a hand-carry belt, and a breathable window.

Despite being lightweight and soft, this guinea pig carrier has a sturdy construction.

It’s also great for other animals like hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rabbits, small cats, and lizards.

This is a perfect small animal carrier to carry your guinea pig wherever you go.

This carrier for small pets has a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Qualified material
  • Perfect for a small animal such as guinea pig
  • Dual-purpose design
  • Beautiful travel carrier
  • Convenient

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4. KINTOR Guinea Pig Carrier Bag

KINTOR Hamster Carrier Bag Small Animal Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag for Guinea Pig Hedgehog...
  • ENJOY MORE BROAD VIEW - Newest design in the market,our small animal carring bag has one full clear side which will...
  • SAFE DOUBLE SEWING DESIGN-- we adopt sturdy canvas material,and all the inner side has safe duble sewing...
  • 2 PIECES REMOVABLE PAD & EASY TO WASH--Enclosed two pieces of removable pad, one is summer mat ,and the other one...
  • BREATHING DESIGN & STYLISH HANDBAG--this hamster carring bag have eight holes in two sides of the bag for better...
  • BE AWARE OF SIZE BEFORE BUY - Our hamster carrier bag size is 20cm in bottom width,15cm in height,25cm in width,fit...

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This incredible carrier bag for your guinea pigs pet is made of quality materials.

The ventilation holes ensure that your pet stays safe and has enough air.

It is enclosed with two pieces of a removable pad (one summer pad and one warm fleece mat).

This small pet carrier good fit for small parrots, rats, hamsters, mice, squirrels, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and other pocket-size animals.

This is a cool way of having your pet guinea pig have a better carrier bag in your travels and outside fun.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique design
  • Gives your guinea pig a broader view
  • Two pieces of removable pads are offered and easy to clean
  • Fashion outlook adds more fun to your life
  • bigger size than other models in the market

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5. Wontee Small Pet Carrier Bag

Small Pet Carrier Bag Portable Travel Carrier for Hamster Rat Baby Guinea Pig Sugar Glider Hedgehog...
  • ✔ The clear sides provide a wide view, allowing your pet to fully enjoy the outdoor scenery.
  • ✔ Adjustable shoulder strap design and hand carry design. Easier to carry and take out your pet.
  • ✔ Breathable mesh on both sides ensures plenty of air circulation for furry friends.
  • ✔ Great for short trips to the vet, park, shopping. It is recommended that you put some snacks or chew toys in...
  • ✔ Our carrier bag is suitable for hamsters, rats, baby guinea pigs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, birds and other...

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Next on our list is this portable outdoor guinea pig carrier.

This travel carrier has a diameter of 9 inches and a width of 6.29 inches.

There are vents on both sides to ensure better air circulation inside the bag while a dual transparent observation window allows your guinea pig to enjoy the scenery.

The detachable shoulder strap lets you carry your guinea pigs either on your shoulders or in your hands.

The carrier bag has a waterproof canvas cloth to protect your guinea pig from liquids that may enter the bag.

This is another unique way to give your pet guinea pig a better and much more comfortable experience when you’re going out or traveling with your guinea pig.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used as a temporary home and carrier for traveling
  • Can be carried anywhere you go with your guinea pig
  • The transparent window allows your pet to enjoy the scenery and to interact with the outside world

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6. Super Soft Small Animal Travel Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Breathable Mesh

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This super soft-sided coral fleece pet sling travel bag is a  great guinea pig carrier.

The backpack-style small pet carrier is made of coral fleece lining and outer layer, a sponge middle, and a soft nylon mesh with an exquisite texture that allows easy cleaning. 

This is exactly what you want, a great but simple carrier for your small pet.

You can adjust the strap from 38.98 inches to the maximum length of 53.15 inches.

The size of pet sling bag has a length of 11.02 inches, a width of 10.04 inches, and has a depth of 4.13 inches.

The dimensions are slightly larger compared to most pet carriers on Amazon, so your guinea pig has enough space to move in this pouch.

The breathable mesh on the top of this small pet carrier allows fresh air to reach your pet.

The separated layer pocket is suitable for storing snacks for your guinea pig or adding warmer pads to keep your pet warm during colder days.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comfortable material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Large size for your guinea pig’s comfortability
  • Intimate design

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7. Portable Small Animal Carrier Bag, Travel Backpack for Guinea Pig

Hamiledyi Hamster Carrier Bag,Small Animal Portable Outgoing Travel Bag Rat Pouch Hamster Backpack...
  • ✔SOFT AND COMFORTABLE --- Hamster carrier bag material - Plastic mesh + velvet outer layer + sponge middle + thin...
  • ✔PERFECT DESIGN --- Soft-side and round shape design, your pet friend will have enough room to move around and...
  • ✔MESH DESIGN --- Plastic mesh is Breathable and it offers enough airflow and visibility for your pets.It is...
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP---This carrier bag is compact and lightweight.You can adjust the length of the...
  • ✔SIZE --- size: 8.3x7.1inch, suitable for adult hedgehog,Sugar Glider, Great for...

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This amazing portable small pet carrier bag has a plastic mesh, velvet outer layer, sponge middle, thin velvet lining, top door, and a nylon shoulder strap, which leaves your hands free.

Guinea pigs will love the soft touch of this small animal carrier.

Soft-sided, with a round design, this small animal travel carrier leaves your pet with enough room.

The sturdy carrier has a plastic mesh that still provides adequate ventilation for your small animal and visibility.

Compact and lightweight, you can adjust the shoulder strap to your liking so you can hang it in front or side of your body.

The zipper is meticulously sewed, which adds extra security to this small pet carrier.

Your guinea pig will love this carrier.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Soft-sided and comfortable
  • Perfect design
  • Incredible mesh design
  • The size is perfect for your guinea pig
  • Water washable

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8. Gatycallaty Guinea Pig Carrier Bag Travel Pets Pouch Purse Outgoing Outdoor Portable with Shoulder Strap

Small Animal Guinea Pig Hamster Squirrel Hedgehog Chinchilla Sugar Glider Ferret Parrot Rat Mouse...
  • Multi-size-SMLXL, suitable for small animals of different sizes, such as hamsters, honey gliders, squirrels,...
  • Fashionable style---The front part adopts a transparent design to ensure the maximum field of view of the pet, and...
  • High-quality materials---We use high-quality materials, which are durable and not easy to tear. Strong bearing...

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This small pet carrier bag comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large to accommodate most small animal species.

The transparent design ensures your pet’s maximum field of view.

A small pocket located on the back of the carrier has a place a heating pad for cold weather.

Made of high-quality material, this sturdy carrier is very durable, with a strong bearing capacity.

According to reviews, pet parents were very pleased with this small animal carrier.

Most guinea pig owners claim that this quality small pet carrier is a cozy fit for their pet guinea pig; they equally use it indoors and outdoor.

Besides, your guinea pig or another small animal will have enough space to feel comfortable in it.

Give this small animal carrier a try because it’s simple yet convenient.

Your guinea pigs will love it.

Whether you are going out, having a picnic, or traveling, this is a great bag for your little furry friend.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-sized bag
  • Fashionable style
  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • Comfortable for your small animal

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9. CROWNY Carrier Bag Portable Breathable Outgoing Bag Guinea Pig Carriers with Detachable Strap Double Zipper

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This portable and breathable small pet carrier have a detachable strap and a double zipper.

This is great for guinea pigs or other small animal under 1.5 pounds of weight.

Made of waterproof oxford cloth with a super soft short plush, a high precision Polypropylene cotton filling, a non-slip bottom, a high-quality zipper, a hand carry belt, a detachable shoulder strap, and a grid cloth door.

It’s lightweight, portable, durable, soft, comfortable, and warm.

High-quality small animal nests such as this are cute and practical if you need a portable small pet carrier.

People who purchased this small animal carrier left very good reviews.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Waterproof Oxford Cloth, durable, resistant to bite, and a perfect touch sense
  • Soft-sided with a large capacity
  • Suitable for most small pets, including guinea pigs
  • Portable and convenient small animal carrier
  • Cute animal design and all kids like it

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10. VLIKE Guinea Pig Bag Carrier Accessories Outdoor Travel Bag Zipper Portable Breathable Outgoing Bags

VLIKE Hamster Guinea Pig Bag Carrier Accessories Small Animals Hedgehog Squirrel Chinchilla Sugar...
  • 🐹【PERFECT SIZE】: 9.04x7.07x7.86inch / 23x18x20cm. Suitable for hedgehogs, juvenile rabbits, young snow...
  • 🐢【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】: Durable Nylon Mesh Non-woven fabric thick aluminum film. It's ventilation,...
  • 🐦【ADDITIONAL GIFTS】: We provide a free 1pcs leash(with bell ) and 1pcs small storage bag for your little...
  • 🐰【ADJUSTABLE STRAP】: The strap itself can adjust the length to meet your needs.
  • 🐭【HIGH QUALITY SERVICE】: Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our Priority. If you are Not 100% satisfied...

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The VLIKE small animal carrier is of the perfect size for your small animal and is suitable for other small pets as well.

It is 9.04 x 7.07 x 7.86 inches dimension.

This travel carrier has a durable nylon mesh with large enough ventilation holes and non-woven fabric with a thick aluminum film.

In this travel carrier, guinea pigs can breathe easily because of the good airflow inside.

There are also great accessories that come with this amazing bag carrier.

Additional gifts that are included are a 1pc leash with a bell and a small storage bag for your little friend.

The 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on Amazon speaks of guinea pig owners satisfaction.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for your guinea pig
  • High-quality materials 
  • Includes accessories
  • A convenient way to have your pet in your travels
  • Comfortable space for your adorable furry friend

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How To Choose the Right Carrier for Your Guinea Pigs?

When you’re looking for practical small pet carriers or travel cages, the first thing is to make sure that its size suits your guinea pig.

You can opt for a travel cage or a soft carrier.

Although a travel cage is a good option when you want to keep your guinea pig indoors, a soft carrier with sturdy construction is a much better idea if you plan to use it both indoors and outdoors.

It will make your guinea pig feel safe and protected when walking outside.

Make sure that the carrier has large ventilation openings that allow enough fresh air for your small animal.

Also, to avoid unnecessary stress, avoid getting a cumbersome carrier, as sudden stops may cause your guinea pig to slide in it and risk an injury.

Besides, you want a carrier that you can collapse for easy storage, which also allows easy cleaning and easy access to your pet.

When Your Guinea Pig Travel With You…

Whether in one of the soft carriers or travel cages, your guinea pig’s needs have to be met.

There are a few things pet parents have to consider for the comfort and safety of their small animals, regardless of whether they are traveling shorter or longer distances.

Firstly, never expose your small animal to direct sunlight and drafts.

If you travel by car, you can set your air conditioning to the optimal levels, between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you cannot control the temperature of your surroundings all the time and influence temperature changes that can happen suddenly.

On a hot summer day, be sure never to leave your guinea pig alone in the car as just within 10 minutes the temperature inside can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure to bring puppy pads to replace them in your guinea pig’s cage/carrier when needed, as your small animal needs an absorbent layer inside its confinement.

Most carriers don’t let you attach a water bottle to it, as carriers are meant for only carrying your small animal, not as permanent residencies.

The best choice for your small animal is to bring water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers, dark leafy greens, apples, and pears, as it may be inconvenient to keep a water bottle inside your guinea pig’s carrier.

Final Thoughts

Pet parents have a big responsibility.

You take care of your pets, watch them grow, feed them, play with them and make them comfortable.

Of course, you also want to have your guinea pig traveling with you both on shorter and longer distances.

In any case, for added security of your pet, you need the right small animal carrier.

Pet carriers and travel cages are important accessories for you and your small animal.

To keep your guinea pig safe, you need a durable small pet carrier or a travel cage that you will never expose to direct sunlight, drafts, air conditioning, or heating vents.

In this article, we have chosen the 10 best guinea pig carrier options that we could find on the market so you can take your small animal anywhere with you.


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