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Best Guinea Pig Food Holder – Top 5 Reviews

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: March 11, 2022

Hay is a key component of your pig’s diet. You can’t just throw a handful of hay in your guinea pig’s enclosure and call it a day. This can cause urine, fecal fluids, and water to pollute and promote the development of bacteria and fungi in the food.

Your pets should always have easy access to hay, throughout the day. Guinea pig food holders (hay racks) are perfect for keeping the hay clean and readily available to your guinea pig pets.

If kept on the floor, hay can begin to disintegrate and stink the cage while causing a potentially dangerous health condition in your guinea pig.

Fortunately, all you need is a simple hayrack to maintain your pet’s food clean and off the cage ground.

A hayrack can also tell you how much hay your guinea pigs have left and if you need to give them more.


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5 Best Guinea Pig Food Holders Reviewed

Here’s a list of the top 5 best guinea pig food holders with their reviews.

1. Kaytee Hay and Food Bin Feeder

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The Kaytee Hay and Food Guinea Pig Bin Feeder is a mixer intended to maintain food and hay from your guinea pigs.

At the bottom of this guinea pig food is a tray-like bucket that holds the pellets of your animal, whereas a metal wire rack above the bin secures it in place for your pet.

Because the bin captures small bits of hay when they fall out from the mouth of your pet, it also decreases the quantity of pet waste in the hay.

The Kaytee Hay and Food Bin Feeder consist of a wood-plastic composite that not only lasts for years but also keeps the cage clean.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Keeps food secured
  • Saves room in your guinea pig’s cage
  • Simple to clean

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2. Niteangel Double-Use Feeder

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The Double-Use Niteangel Guinea Pig Food holder holds your guinea pig’s food and hay.

This pellet and hay feeder, made of all-natural wood, comes with a tray to hold pellets, while a wooden fence keeps the hay clean, which might easily make it the best hay and pellet holder.

The double-user Niteangel feeder is intended for the security of your pet because the wooden fence has comparatively tiny openings.

Your guinea pig can still easily access the hay, but probably can’t fit their heads through the openings.

In this way, the feeder will not trap them.

This feeder can be attached straight to the side of your guinea pig’s box.

Thread the rear screw through the bars and tighten the locking system wing-nut-and-washer.

The large combo feeder for guinea pigs dispenses hay and food without mess.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of all-natural wood
  • Keeps the hay clean
  • It can be attached to the side of the box

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3. Small Pet Select Hay Manger

Small Pet Select Second Cutting Timothy and Hand Made Hay Manger
  • Ten Pounds of Hand Selected Second Cutting Timothy Hay
  • Hay Manger is All Natural Hand Made in House
  • 15% Off vs Purchasing Items Invdividually
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Small Pet Select Hay Manager is simple, no-frills milk that keeps your cattle’s hair off the ground and is easily accessible, enabling your guinea pig to escape whenever it wishes.

The meat comprises only natural, unfinished wood and cloth— it does not have screws, nails, or sealants that might harm your animal.

You can mount this food holder easily, within seconds.

Just take off the panels, insert some food for your guinea pig and you’re done!

The round holes in the front panel enable your Guinea pig to access the hay.

The Small Pet Select Hay Manger can be installed everywhere in your pet’s box, but many owners find it useful to put it over the box.

This guinea pig feeder is available in two sizes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Natural, unfinished wood and cloth
  • Easy setup
  • Available in two sizes

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4. Mkono Hay Feeder

Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Manger for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla
  • Best hay feeder for your baby pet. Special designed metal grate holds hay in place and keep a generous supply of...
  • Made of hard and quality plastic and metal, non-toxic, durable and last long. This pet feeder is steel-edged to...
  • Connects directly to any wire cage. Also you can place it anywhere your little animal prefers.
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2inch length, 3 1/2inch width, 7 3/8inch high. The hay feeder have back lock and its diameter...
  • Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, galesaur or other small animals. Mkono is a registered trademark and...

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Mkono Hay Feeder for guinea pigs is a metal and plastic feeding rack for reducing hay waste.

It has an underside plate that captures and contains the small bits of hay falling off the mouth of your guinea pig.

You will just attach this guinea pig feeder to the side of your pet’s box, and then fill it with hay.

The food remains in place by a spring-loaded metal gate, while a two-piece locking mechanism keeps this guinea pig feeder attached to the cage.

The rack plastic of this guinea pig food holder is resistant and easy to keep clean, and a steel guard is attached to the lip so that your pet doesn’t chew on the plastic.

The producer advises you that before ordering it is essential to check the size of the rack to suit your guinea pig.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Metal and plastic feeding rack
  • Two-piece locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean

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5. zswell Hay and Food Bin Feeder

Hay Food Bin Feeder, Hay and Food Feeder Bowls Manger Rack for Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla and...
  • Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs or other small animals.
  • The bowl back lock hole diameter approx 0.1 inch ,please check your cage size whether it fits or not
  • Effectively prevent small animal from biting it
  • Dimensions:H*W*L 5.9*7*5.9 inch/15*18*15 cm
  • 100% GUARANTEE – Your purchase is protected by our LIFETIME WARRANTY so if you’re not satisfied for any reason,...

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A flexible, extremely durable foodstuff, the Zswell Hay and Food Bin Hay Feeder will serve your guinea pig for several years.

The manufacturer ensures a lifetime guarantee but you can return the feeder for a complete refund when you are unhappy for any reason.

This pellet and hay guinea pig food holder will keep your pet’s food and pellet supplies secure and in place.

You can just squeeze pellets into the base plate and put the foothold behind the metal holding fence to maintain it safe and yet simple to use.

Thanks to the included cross-screw fixation device, the feeder can easily be attached to the side of your pet’s cage.

This food holder is also easy to clean and features a metal lip guard, so your pet doesn’t chew on plastic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supported by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Includes cross-screw fixation device
  • Features a metal lip guard

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Do Guinea Pigs Need a Hay Rack?

No, guinea pigs don’t need a hay feeder.

Firstly, guinea pigs love to nest and relax while eating their hay.

Secondly, not all hay racks are safe for guinea pigs.

Some are dangerous and life-threatening.

If you’d like to keep your pet’s cage neat and organized, you can do that in other safe and secure ways.

Are Hay Racks Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Not all hay racks are safe for your guinea pig.

So, if you are planning to buy one, make sure that your guinea pig cannot get stuck in it.

Besides, some hay rack models prevent guinea pigs from accessing hay, which is also extremely dangerous for their wellbeing.

If your pet doesn’t get the right amount of hay every day, its teeth can grow long or experience digestion problems.

Therefore, we don’t recommend buying a hay feeder, unless you are sure it’s safe for your guinea pig.

How Much Food Should I Give to My Guinea Pig?

Normally, your guinea pig should have an unlimited amount of fresh grass or hay every day.

Besides hay, an additional serving of guinea pig pellets is a good idea.

1/8 cup of pellets a day is sufficient for their daily needs.

Nonetheless, add about 1/4 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables to your guinea pig’s daily meal plan.

Don’t forget that guinea pigs are herbivores and they cannot digest meat, dairy products, and processed (cooked) food.

What Is the Favorite Food of Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs will eat almost anything.

However, don’t feed them anything!

If you want your pet to be healthy and happy, make sure to provide them with unlimited grass/hay, a bit of guinea pig pellets, different types of fresh fruits, and fresh leafy green vegetables.

Also, don’t give them too much.

A slice or two of their favorite fruit is quite enough to satisfy their love for sweets.

Giving them too much can cause diabetes, obesity, and digestion problems.

How Should I Care for My Guinea Pig?

Make sure to put toys and treats in the cage of your guinea pig before you bring your new guinea pig home.

Likewise, have a guinea pig food holder already attached to the cage or placed in a safe position, so your guinea pig cannot flip it over and spill its contents.

If the habitat is calm, isolated from noise, and other pets and domestic animals, your new pet will be happy and feel safe.

Place the cage of your guinea pig in a calm and noise-free environment.

Spend some time with your guinea pig every day.

Creating a bond with your guinea pig is an extraordinary experience that will probably be the best part of your day.

If your guinea pig acts shy and is afraid to approach you, don’t worry.

It takes time to create a bond with your guinea pig.

Attempt again in 15 minutes without any sudden movements while talking in smooth, soothing tones.

Offer your pet a treat.

How Should I Feed My Guinea Pig?

You will want to provide your guinea pig with unlimited amounts of hay.

Remove the unused hay from the previous day and fill the food bowl with fresh supplies.

This step is extremely important for your guinea pig’s wellbeing.

Add salad, kale, collard greens, courgettes, and shredded carrots to your guinea pig’s dinner every other day.

Your guinea pig’s healthy diet will consist of fresh hay, pellets enriched with vitamin C, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C and lack of this vitamin causes scurvy, a potentially fatal disease in guinea pigs.

Therefore, your guinea pig pet needs fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

However, vary the type of veggies you give to them.

Also, offer them fruits just as a treat, never more than a few slices.

Also, you can purchase guinea pig food that’s enriched with various minerals and vitamins, formulated for your guinea pig’s needs.

Keeping Your Guinea Pig Healthy

Just like any other pet, your tiny guinea pig needs regular checkups.

When you adopt a guinea pig and take it home, make sure to visit a veterinarian for a checkup and advice.

Always monitor your guinea pig for lethargy and lack of interest in food.

These may signalize a serious condition related to a change in bowel movements.

Bloating in guinea pigs is a serious condition.

Therefore, establish a routine when you will be feeding your guinea pig, spending some time bonding with it, and also take note of the type of food you will be feeding it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 5 best guinea pig food holders and their reviews.

See one that’s not on the list and should be?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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