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How To Clip Guinea Pig Nails (10-Step Definitive Guide)

Tim Rhodes
Written by Tim Rhodes Last Updated: March 9, 2021

Instructions on how to clip guinea pig nails do not need to be startling, guinea pig paws develop continually, and they can’t keep the nails short themselves.

Wild cavies stroll around on hard surfaces, which are an astounding method to keep their paws short.

In any case, for homegrown guinea pigs, it is dangerous for them to do this as it might bring about injury.

All guinea pig proprietors are very much aware of how troublesome their little cavies’ can be on occasion – explicitly regarding managing their nails on a week after week or month to month premises.

Cutting or managing your guinea pig’s nails can be quite possibly the most overwhelming errands for a few unique reasons.

While a few guineas may permit their proprietors to manage their nails, most guineas will frequently chomp, squeak or start kicking their feet back.

This makes it practically difficult to cut their nails.

10-Step Definitive Guide On How To Clip Guinea Pigs’ Nails

Be that as it may, if you have been attempting to locate the ideal method to manage your guinea’s nails, at that point, read on to discover now.

Step 1: Select A Couple Of Nail Trimmers

Child or creature nail trimmers will work so that you could utilize either type.

Remember, in any case, that human trimmers crush the nail together before cutting it; this might be excruciating to your guinea pig.

Nail clippers can also be used if you like them better.

Animal trimmers are guillotine-style, guaranteeing that the nail will not be pressed.

Additionally, they open more generally than human trimmers, which makes the nails simpler to manage.

You can discover this sort of trimmer at your neighborhood pet store.

You can attempt the two sorts of trimmers to perceive what your guinea pig is generally alright with

Step 2: Make A Point To Be Cautious About The Brisk

The snappy is the ruddy part at the base of the toenail.

Please make an effort not to cut into it, as this will cause your guinea pig to drain.

If you can’t see the speed, have a go at holding a spotlight up to the nail when you cut it or just cut the clue.

Step 3: Buy Styptic Powder Or Cornstarch and Select A Hand Towel

These substances will rapidly stop the draining if you trim the nails down excessively far.

They are similarly compelling at halting the dying, so you can utilize possibly one.

The styptic powder can ordinarily be found with men’s shaving items at your nearby supermarket or drugstore, and the cornstarch is situated with the preparing items.

On the off chance that your guinea pig is squiggly during nail management, you can wrap him/her up in the towel to limit him/her all the more without any problem.

If you have recently utilized a towel to manage his/her nails, continue to utilize a similar towel each time.

This will help keep the cycle more steady; also, he/she may feel greater with one towel over another.

Step 4: Set Up The Zone

Next, you will have to set up the zone to manage your guinea pigs’ nails.

Arranging all that you require for the nail managing early will help the interaction go easily.

Place a little towel, nail trimmers, and styptic powder (or cornstarch) on a counter or tabletop.

You are placing a limited quantity (around 1/4 teaspoon) of styptic powder or cornstarch on a paper towel guarantees that you have snappy admittance to these substances on the off chance that you need to prevent a nail from dying.

Step 5: Remove Your Guinea Pig From His/Her Confinement

After venturing into the pen with gradual development, place the thumb of one hand under his/her jaw and back his/her rump with your other hand.

Utilizing the legitimate strategy to venture into the enclosure and get your guinea pig won’t just guarantee that he/she isn’t scared; however, it will likewise hold you back from getting nibbled.

Step 6: Wrap Your Guinea Pig In A Hand Towel And Place It In Your Lap

Be mindful not to wrap your guinea pig too firmly; this could make him rapidly suffocate or overheat.

He/she ought to confront away from you, which will make it harder for him/her to chomp or nip.

Step 7: Loosen Up Your Guinea Pig

There are a few things that you can do to loosen up your guinea pig before managing his nails, for example, petting him/her tenderly behind his/her ears and giving him snacks.

Make sure you don’t have any food around him/her, so he/she doesn’t get enticed while getting his/her nails managed.

Keeping him/her casual will help you trim his/her nails all the more without any problem.

Healthy snacks for your guinea pig incorporate chime peppers and carrots.

Cut the vegetables into little pieces so your guinea pig can eat them without any problem.

Step 8: Pick A Leg And Tenderly Haul It Out And Secure On Of His/Her Nails

Try not to be astonished if your guinea pig squirms when you do this.

On the off chance that he/she squirms excessively, discharge his/her leg and let him/her quiet down before you attempt once more.

It utilizes the hand holding your guinea pig’s legs, consistent with the nail between the thumb and pointer.

Try not to press also firmly to keep the nail set up; this may hurt your guinea pig and cause him/her to wriggle.

Selecting a nail toward one side of the foot and working your way to within or outside of the foot will help you monitor which nails you’ve managed.

Step 9: Get The Trimmers With Your Other Hand And Trim The Nail

Position them before the nail that you will manage and recognize the brisk in the nail.

Recognizing it will be simpler to do with a reasonable nail than a hazier nail.

In clear nails, the brisk will look pink, and next trim the nail.

If you can see the brisk, trim the nail down to cover the speed.

If you can’t see the snappy, use alert and trim a smidgen at a time.

If you cut the brisk, the nail will begin to drain.

Albeit this will be agonizing to your guinea pig, you have not brought about any genuine harm.

Touch a modest quantity of the styptic powder or cornstarch on the nail, and the draining will stop rapidly.

Continue with managing the remainder of your guinea pigs’ nails.

If you see that your guinea pig is getting anxious, give him/her an ideal opportunity to quiet down before attempting to wrap up managing his/her nails.

Giving your guinea pig a treat after managing each nail can give uplifting feedback and keep him/her diverted.

Ensure that he/she completes the process of eating before beginning the following nail to forestall him/her from gagging on his/her food.

Step 10: Put It Back In His/Her Enclosure And Clean Up The Nail Decorations

On the off chance that this was your first time managing your guinea pigs’ nails, don’t be too hard on yourself if things didn’t go very true to form.

Guinea pigs will squirm while getting their nails managed at whatever stage in life.

If this time turned out poorly, consider managing your guinea pig’s nails more than a few days rather than at the same time.

This might be simpler for both of you.

If you put styptic powder or cornstarch on any of the nails, check these nails to ensure that the draining has halted.

Wipe off the substance from the nail before you put your guinea pig back in his confinement to keep him from eating it on the mishap.

Quick Ways To Cut Guinea Pigs’ Nails

There are some quick ways to cut your guinea pigs’ nails.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of them.

You should cut your guinea pigs’ nails on top of a counter or table.

Pick up your guinea pig and give them an object to console them.

Wrap your guinea pig up in the downy to help them have a sense of security.

It’s a smart thought to fleece a similar downy each time you trim their nails as it will assist them with becoming accustomed to the entire cycle.

This should prompt them to feel increasingly more agreeable each time.

Guarantee you don’t wrap your guinea pig up too firmly or cover their head.

Give Your Guinea Pig A Treat And Get Them To Sit Serenely

They can site either on your lap or on top of the table or ledge, guaranteeing they are protected and incapable of tumbling off.

Ensure any remaining food is far out (and smell) range as something else; your guinea pig will be eagerly attempting to get to the food that is close by.

Take a delicate, however firm hold of your guinea pig’s front leg, don’t be astonished if your guinea pig wriggles it free and tucks it back in!

It takes practice and tolerance to get adjusted to cutting your guinea pigs’ nails.

If your guinea pig becomes upset, essentially discharge the leg you’re holding and give your guinea pig consolation.

You can pause and begin this interaction however many occasions as your test subject requirements to feel good.

Consistent The Nail Between Your Thumb And Pointer To Have A Decent Grasp

Make an effort not to crush or hold too firmly, as this will cause your guinea pig to hurt.

We like to pick the nail toward the finish of the foot and afterward work our way inside so it’s not difficult to monitor which one we are doing.

Pick Up Your Nail Clippers Of Decision And Distinguish The Nail

This is simpler to do on pale nailed guinea pigs instead of hazier ones.

A guinea pig nail consists of a fast and genuine nail, so it’s a test not to manage the brisk.

The snappy is a vein that runs up the nail; however, not right to the end, which is the reason it’s prudent to manage only the clue.

The more you trim your guinea pig’s nails, the more you will want to pass judgment on the fitting add-up to manage.

Carry On Cutting The Remainder Of Your Guinea Pig’s Nails

On the off chance that they are awkward and frantically attempting to move away, at that point, please give them a treat and stop there.

Never attempt to compel your guinea pig to “keep still,” as this will cause your guinea pig damage and trouble.

What To Do If You Cut The Brisk

The hardest thing about managing your guinea pigs’ nails is shockingly not the real demonstration of cutting the nail.

Guinea pigs barely ever stand by during nail managing time, and it isn’t easy to decide where the fast is.

It ought to be genuinely simple for light-pawed guinea pigs to see the blood under each nail, consequently making it simple to stay away from.

You can focus a light under the nail for more obscure torn guinea pigs to see the vein and keep it away.

Mishaps occur, and while it feels awful to make your guinea pig drain, it will not reason any enduring harm to your guinea pig.

Tragically, on the off chance that you do slice the snappy, recall not to freeze!

Practically utilize the styptic powder to stop the draining and solace your piggy.

On the off chance that the draining proceeds, at that point, practically apply a little pressing factor for one to two minutes, and it should stop the dying.

On the off chance that it seeps after this, at that point, counsel your vet.

How Frequently Is Advisable To Cut Your Guinea Pigs’ Nails

Focus on fortnightly to once every month to manage the guinea pigs’ nails.

When you trim the nails consistently, you keep the speed from developing excessively far up the nails, which brings about less possibility that you will cut it coincidentally.

There are two arrangements here, and the first is to get your guinea pig accustomed to it.

This includes experiencing the daily schedule above for cutting the nails, however, without really cutting the nails.

This routine gets your guinea pig used to having its paws and hooks took care of.

Guarantee you give loads of recognition, petting, and treats during these training meetings.

At that point, step by step present managing the nails.

Start with merely managing one and afterward halting.

Continuously develop to two nails each time, and ultimately, your guinea pig ought to be alright with having its nails managed.

On the other hand, you can take your guinea pig somewhere else to get their nails managed.

Check with your neighborhood vets on the off chance that they offer that help and some pet shops with prepping segments additionally offer nail cutting administrations for a charge.

Which Trimmers Are Best For Cutting Guinea Pig Nails

Like with different pets, there are trimmers particularly made for cutting your guinea pig’s nails.

There are clippers especially made for clipping your guinea pig’s nails.

They have an adjusted cutting edge; however, a few people (counting myself!) locate these interesting to utilize and like to use straightforward nail or toenail trimmers.

Pick whatever you feel great with and locate the most effortless.

A portion of the nail trimmers intended for people don’t have sufficient holes to fit the guinea pig’s nail; however, these trimmers have an extra-enormous hole and are the ones we suggest.

You’ll locate that youthful guinea pigs have many milder, fragile nails than more seasoned guinea pigs whose nails can get thicker with age.

Additionally, nails on the back feet will, in general, be thicker than the front ones.

Numerous proprietors get apprehensive about nail cutting as they are frightened about cutting the ‘speedy.’

This is the red vein that goes through the nail, and if you cut it, it will drain, so you should attempt to evade this.

The more frequently you cut the nails, the more the “snappy” will retreat.

This makes each time somewhat simpler and less distressing.

What You Need To Cut Your Guinea Pig’s Nails

First, small pet nail trimmers or human nail trimmers (toenail trimmers) are more straightforward because of the nails’ thickness).

Next, styptic powder in the event of dying (on the off chance that you don’t have any, cornflour might be utilized).

You will also need magnifying glasses with LED lights.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have helped you learn a few things on how to clip guinea pig nails.

To sum up the discussion, we can say that some guinea pigs, typically more obscure ones, have dark nails.

This makes it difficult to see the brisk and can be a touch of perplexing regarding nail cutting.

Take a stab at ensuring you are in an extra-light territory and utilize extra lighting whenever required.

In short, we can say that it requires a lot of attention while cutting the guinea pigs’ nails.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to share them with us.


Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes

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