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Teddy Guinea Pig Breed Information &amp Care [Updated 2021]

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Tim Rhodes

Would you like to know everything about your teddy guinea pig so that you become a responsible pet owner?

Would you like to know how you give the best possible lifestyle to your teddy guinea pig?

And, would you like to see how you increase the lifespan of your little cute teddy cavy?

If so, then this is the most important article you’ve ever read, as this article is going to cover everything related to your teddy cavy.

If you’ve just adopted your first guinea pig, and are confused with what to do, what not to do, this is the perfect article to start.

And if you’ve already had some experience with teddy cavies, this article is also worth reading to you, because you’ll find some cutting-edge information that most teddy piggy owners don’t know.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What’s a Teddy Guinea Pig?

Teddy guinea pig is one of the breeds of guinea pigs.

As you can see, they identify with the word “Teddy.” But why do we call them with the word “Teddy”?

If you say because they are like a teddy bear, you’re right!

You see, this type of breed is different from other guinea pig breeds.

This breed has a very distinct rough dense coat, and if you ever touch them, it feels like you’re touching a real teddy bear.

And because of their coat, most people are more likely to choose this breed over others.

Physical features

Teddy cavies are the smallest guinea pigs as compared to other guinea pig breeds.

However, when they grow up in full size, they will become one foot in size, and one to 3 pounds in weight.

If you pay attention to their nose, you will see it’s slightly wider and has a curve upwards.

And here’s one great thing about the teddy cavy: They are born in different unique colors – like Coat Black, Chestnut, Brown, Grey, Gold, Orange, Red, and White.

And not only that but they are also born in mixed patterns of two colors.

Life span

Anyways, if you ever adopt any guinea pig, you may know, they have a lifespan of a total of 6-8 years.

But if you take good care of them, and provide them with the right nutrition, the right diet, and the right environment, there will be a chance that they will live up to 11 years.

And you know what?

In the last few years, these guinea pigs have become even more popular.

And the real reason why they are becoming more popular is because of their unique personality and ability to warm people.

The ability to warm people means they have a very energetic and cheerful nature, and so people love to hang around with them.

Born of genetic mutations

Here’s the most shocking fact about your teddy guinea pig, it was born by a genetic mutation.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry – it’s not complicated.

What it means is the breed of guinea pig born when two types of species exchange their genetics.

And because of this genetic exchange, the only difference you will see in your teddy cavy is their fluffy coat.

At this point, you now know some amazing things about your teddy cavy, but have you ever wondered whether this type of breed is perfect for you or not?

So, if you are not sure whether this type of breed is perfect for you or not, you have to read this next section.

Why Is a Teddy Guinea Pig the Perfect Pet for You?

When you walk into the guinea pig shop, you’ll find more than 11+ different guinea pig breeds to choose from.

However, every single breed is different and has its characteristics.

As this article focuses on the teddy cavy, I want to tell you everything you need to know about them.

This type of breed resonates with you, or maybe not, when it comes to the teddy pig, this breed is perfect for anyone who is super busy.

What do I mean by that?

It means if you’re someone who gets busy with your work all the time and doesn’t have time to manage pets, then this is the perfect pet for you to adopt.

This pet is so easy to manage, when you are not at home, you can leave your guinea pigs in your kid’s hands.

They are super easy to manage, and anyone can easily take care of them.

And not only are they easy to manage, but they are the most sociable pet animals ever.

They love to make noises, they love to play with humans, and they love to eat as well.

The great thing about teddy cavies is that they are inexpensive.

If you are someone who wants to have a pet and are not sure whether you can afford them, you can go with this type of pet, and you know what?

If you want someone to cuddle with, you can choose them.

They are the creature who loves to cuddle.

Now let’s suppose you own one of these, here are some common health issues they face.

How To Care for Your Teddy Guinea Pig?

Caring for a teddy cavy is like caring for a baby.

When you bring them to your home, you’ve got to feel you’ve brought home a baby – you’ve got to become its parent.

And just like any baby, they need your time and attention but don’t get this wrong, caring for Teddy is not hard.

Are you paying attention?

I said it’s not that hard, but it requires your attention and time.

However, the good news is this: taking care of a Teddy is super easy.

If you’ve kids, you can leave them with your children, they will do the best job.

When it comes to caring for this guinea pig, there are some steps you can follow to maximize their health.

What are those steps?

Well, here they are!

Preparing for a Teddy Guinea Pig

Just like a boxer prepares for the boxing match, you have to do some preparation for your guinea pig.

How do you prepare for your Guinea pig?

Good question.

Here is how you will prepare:

The first thing you have to understand is teddy cavies need space to run, play, and exercise, so, they need a big cage to live in.

If you are not sure how much big, consider this:

  • For one guinea pig, you may require the cage of 2.5-feet by 3-feet
  • And for two guinea pigs, you may require the cage of at least 2.5-feet by 4-feet

Now, this measurement is not set by the government.

It’s an actual measurement that most Teddy owners choose for their pets.

Once you choose the right cage for your guinea pig, you are ready to put them into them.

Now what?

Provide some Activity for Your Teddy Guinea Pig

By activity, I mean provide them with some toys to play with.

Keep them moving inside the cage, if you will don’t do this, they will feel bored and get depressed, and it will make them sick.

What kind of toys can you put in the cage?

Well, it depends on your teddy.

So just like that, not all toys are suitable for them – you’ve to test the toys with them.

Most of them love to climb, so you can add some ramps to the cage, another thing you can do is you can take your teddy cavy outside.

Take them out and hold them in your hand, it will help you to build some incredible bonds with them.

And you know what?

Your teddy cavy loves to chew things so, give them something to chew, but make sure what you are giving them is non-toxic – the best thing you can give them is cardboard.

Besides all these things, you can give your teddy pig a friend.

You can bring as many as they love to play together.

However, you’ve to understand, two males always fight for their territory.

So, if you are bringing two males together, please expect that the fight will happen.

But for females, there’s less chance they will ever fight.

What Do Teddy Guinea Pigs Eat?

In this section, you will know all about your teddy guinea pig diet.

As you know, every different creature needs specific foods to survive.

Some need meat, and some need greens.

So, for your little teddy cavy, here are some diet recommendations:

And remember, all foods you will know in just a minute have a different purpose.

And it’s a must for you to select this food and test it with your guinea pig.

Not all guinea pigs have the same food preferences and choices.

You have to try and see what works best for your furry friend.

Timothy Hay

Now, this will feel a little strange to you.

You might have heard that you should choose timothy hay for your teddy’s bedding.

But that’s not true.

Timothy hay is also something that you can give to your pet.

Is this Timothy hay best for your guinea pig?

Well, absolutely.

Timothy hay is something filled with tremendous nutritional components, it’s the most convenient food available for your guinea pigs.

Timothy hay not only contains fiber, but also some enriching nutrition such as calcium and proteins.

This is the single best food resource for your teddy pig.

However, you can use timothy for their bedding or as for their diet.

It’s all based on your choice, but there is one crucial thing you must pay attention to.

And here what it is: if you choose timothy hay for their bedding, you have to be careful as they DO NOT eat them from there.

If you leave them with timothy hay alone, they will eat all of them and get sick.

So, what should you do?

You will train your guinea pig to eat from the HAYRACK. It will allow them to differentiate the bedding hay from the food hay.

Here is a beautiful trick you can use: when you use a hayrack, you can mix some pellets and other food with their timothy hay.

By doing so, they will know the difference between them.

Most Teddies suffer from diarrhea because of their eating habit.

So, in this case, you can use timothy hay.

It will increase the number of nutrients in the body and give them a well-balanced diet.

Now, if you are not sure which brand of timothy hay you should give your Teddy, check this out:

  • For bedding, you can use Wafer-Cut Timothy Hay by Kaytee
  • For your guinea pig’s diet, you can use First Cut, Timothy Hay, by Kaytee

These two products are the best products available for your teddy cavies.

A Top-Rated Guinea Pig Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

Like humans eat fruits and veggies to fulfill their nutrient requirements, teddies also need fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies are the best resources available in the marketplace for them.

Fruits and veggies are something that your guinea pig craves – it’s one of their favorite foods.

And they make ‘WHEEK’ sounds to express their desire and love for this food.

However, you may have heard this phrase: too much of anything is not good.

You see, as humans, we tend to eat our favorite foods even when we are full, and the same is the case for your teddy.

They overeat veggies even if they are full, however, these are also the sources of sugars, and for guinea pigs, this sugar is dangerous.

It will cause diseases such as diarrhea, so which foods and veggies are best for your teddy guinea pig?

Well, here is the list of foods that they may like.

And remember, you have to test each food with them to understand their likes and dislikes.

Teddy’s Most Favorites Fruits and Veggies:

  • Parsley
  • Baby Carrots
  • Kale
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Celery
  • Broccoli leaves
  • Kiwis
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Peaches
  • Grapes

You’ve to just take foods from this list and test with them.

If you have never done this before, please start with this list.

And after you test everything and have a perfect idea of what types of food they like, then stick to that food.

And now here’s another category of food that you can give to your teddy.

Special Pellets for Teddy Guinea Pigs

When it comes to pellets, you have to be aware that you’re giving your teddy pet high-quality pellets.

If you give them low-quality, cheap, low-class pellets, it will cause them some serious health problems.

You see, they have a very sensitive digestive system.

That’s why they require high-quality foods to digest.

If you’re unsure what a high-quality pellet looks like, check your labels back on the product.

If your pellets have at least 16% fiber, 20% protein, and a high vitamin C, it comes in high-quality pellets.

And remember, your pellets must have a high rate of vitamin c.

Just like humans, your pet doesn’t tend to generate vitamin C on its own.

So, they require additional foods to fulfill these needs.

And for a balanced diet, you have to give them at least 10 to 15mg of vitamin c every day.

That was the list of what you should give to your pet, now let’s see what you should never give your pet no matter what:

  • Chocolate & other “human treats.”
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Corn
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomato leaves
  • Potatoes
  • Anything that has sugar in
  • Rhubarb
  • Raw beans
  • Multi-vitamins

All of the items you see on the list are harmful to your teddy pig.

Always remember, they have a sensitive digestive system, so, you have to be very picky when it comes to their diet.

These foods are harmful, and some are poisonous.

For example, iceberg lettuce is one of the most dangerous foods for your guinea pig.

That’s the complete list of what you should never give them to eat.

Schedule the Guinea Pig Diet

You see, Guinea pigs are creatures of habit.

Just like humans, they do things regularly, just like their habits.

They have a specific time to eat, sleep, to play.

So, if you train them to eat at a specific time, they’ll eat at this specific time.

But what if you are busy, and you don’t have the time to give them food?

Well, guess what?

It will affect their balanced lifestyle.

And so, it’s must you provide them with food at their specific time.

How to Understand What Your Teddy Guinea Pig Is Saying?

Do you have the ability to understand your pet’s language?

If you don’t have this ability, don’t worry because, in just a minute, you will.

You will have the ability to understand 8 different sounds that every teddy pig makes.

They make this sound to communicate within themselves.

And if you know these unusual sounds, you will understand everything they are saying.

So here are these 8 different sounds:


Just like every dog “woof,” and every cat “meow”- every single teddy cavy “wheek.”

This is the most common sound among the other eight ones, you will notice they make these sounds more often.

But what does this sound mean?

Well, they make this sound when they are hungry.

As you know now, your guinea pig has a specific time to eat, so, they make this kind of sound when it’s time for their meals.

They are like human babies, they cry if they are hungry.

The same for your teddies; they make these sounds when they are hungry.

And here is the most exciting thing about this sound: In one experiment, some scientists noticed, naturally, they can’t wheek.

What do I mean by that?

It means when guinea pigs live in the wild, they do not depend on anyone.

So they do not make this sound, they just search for food and eat them, but when people start adopting these guinea pigs, they have to make these sounds to grab their owner’s attention to give them food.

So, these sounds are not natural to them, they just adopted this sound.


Purring is the second kind of sound that your guinea pig makes.

If you ever see a cat, they make a “Purr” sound.

This is what your teddy pig makes but they make this sound in very low pitch as compared to the cats.

Now, what does this sound mean?

Well, your teddy pig makes this sound when they are happy or in a perfect state.

And sometimes they make this sound when they are with you or with your kids.

So, pay attention when they are with you because if they are making this sound, that means they are pleased with you.


Rumble is the third kind of sound every teddy pig makes.

This kind of sound is just similar to Purr.

This kind of sound they make when they want to mate with the opposite sex.

Most owners don’t have the privilege to hear this sound because they don’t have a male and female teddy pig.

But if they do have, they will listen to this sound more often.

Most teddies make this sound and start moving their hips and walk around with the female teddy guinea.

This is the most usual pattern they make.

If you are thinking, only male teddies make this sound, then you misunderstood.

Also, female teddies make this sound to attract male teddy to mate.

It’s a signal they give their male partner.


Growling is the fourth type of sound that your guinea pig makes.

It sounds like “DRRR DRRR.”

And most teddies make this sound when they feel like somebody is threatening them, or somebody is going to harm them.

Sometimes they make these sounds when there is a sudden change in the environment.

It may be a high-pitched sound or loud music, as you may know, your guinea pig does not want any changes.

It’s also possible they make this sound if there is some kind of fight going on in their cage.

Teeth Chattering

Teeth chattering is the fifth kind of sound that your teddy pig makes.

The best part about this sound is this: as humans, we also make this kind of sound when we are in a cold environment.

But for the guinea pig, it is a different situation.

They make this sound when they are feeling angry, or anxious.

Or they are in an unpleasant mood.

For example, if you have one guinea pig in the cage, then you bring in another one inside, they both start making these sounds as they are not comfortable with each other.

Both of them produced this kind of sound to warn each other to not interfere with them.


Cutting is another kind of sound that your guinea pig makes.

You may hear this sound as “Schutt Schutt” by your guinea pig.

Now I want to tell you an exciting thing about this sound.

And that is not all breeds of guinea pig make this sound.

If you have other kinds of guinea pigs, some will make this sound, and some of them will not.

But what does this sound mean?

Well, what this sound means is they are happy, and they’re in the perfect mood.

They make this sound when they are in good spirits but don’t confuse it with the purring sound, both of them have some kind of similarity, but the sounds are different.

To be more specific, most guinea pigs make chanting sounds when they are relaxed.

But as you know, they live with some other teddy pigs, and there is less chance your guinea pig is relaxed.

And there is less chance your teddy guinea makes this sound.


Shrieking is another sound that your guinea pig makes.

This category of sound you sure hear from your teddy cavy, it’s because it is one of the loudest sounds that they make.

This sound may freak you out.

But why do they make this kind of sound?

Well, they make this kind of sound when they feel some kind of danger or pain, for example, imagine how people react when they see a snake in front of them.

Just like that, most teddy pigs make these sounds.


Whining is the 8th sound among most of the other sounds that your guinea pig makes.

This kind of voice is a high-pitched moan.

This kind of sound they make when they get disturbed by something.

Or they get bothered by someone.

As a human, we also tend to do things without disturbance.

But when somebody bothered us, we freaked out a little, same for these pets, if you upset them, they will start whining.

For example, suppose your Teddy is sleeping and some other guinea pigs start bothering them.

In that case, they will start making this kind of sound.

And most of the time, as humans we tend to hold our pets for a long time, thus it’s no wonder why sometimes, some teddies bite us.

They start making this sound to complain about something.

And if you pay attention to them, you will notice they are complaining about something.

Either they don’t want something, or they don’t want someone.

That’s all the 8 different sounds that your guinea pig makes.

If you pay attention to these sounds, you will understand their feeling.

And be able to form some outstanding bonds with them.

D0 Teddy Guinea Pigs Bite?

When they start adopting their guinea pig, most guinea pig owners have this question in their minds.

And this is a self-explanatory question for them.

But this is what they have to understand it’s nothing to do with them.

For a teddy guinea pig, biting somebody is their defensive tactic.

Like any other animal that has its paws, teeth, and venom to survive, guinea pigs have their mouths and teeth.

Are Guinea Pig Bites Dangerous?

Well, usually, guinea pigs are lovely and loving pets.

They have a very calm demeanor, and they love their owners very well.

But sometimes they bite, they bite you not because you did something wrong, but it’s a signal that they want to tell you that they love you.

And in most cases, these bites are light and hardly leaves any marks.

And if your guinea pig is regularly biting you, it might be a sign that they are afraid of you.

But it won’t always be you that they are scared of.

Maybe, some other factors are affecting them.

It may be some kind of smell or any type of sound.

You have to understand gaining the trust of your guinea pig can take time and effort.

So, here are some more tips that will help you to build some fantastic relationships with your poor little pig:

  • You must wash your hands before you interact with them
  • You have to build trust with your guinea pig by becoming familiar with them

Final Thoughts

So that’s all for you and your guinea pig.

I hope you learned something new here.

Now, you are ready to become a better teddy guinea pig owner.

And after reading this article, you now know things that most teddy guinea owners don’t know.

If you like this article and feel like it’s worth reading to you, make sure you share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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